Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Such Thing

My Heavenly Host,

Praise to You almighty God, Jehovah. You & You alone are my master. I wish for nothing BUT You to be my master...not money, men or magic...only You. And I thank You so very much for Your continual blessings. Even at my very best, my Lord, I realize that I still need You. And at my very worst, I need You the most. Please stay with me through every dark hour. But it is to walk in Your light that I require the most. I need Your light like a child needs Vitamin D.

I wanted to thank You for sending the truth my way. I feel privileged to have been handed the tracts from the Bible Students. But even more so,  I am grateful for that bit of wisdom, the scales removed from my eyes and ears so I might see the truth. Even though I resisted, You continued to send the Jehovah Witnesses to MY door. Forgive me for those less than savory thoughts I had concerning these "JW's." And I now know that it was Your gold-plated invitation, at Your request. As well, I also know, merciful Master, that it is a huge privilege to join Your World Organization.

Sweet Sweet Jesus, stay by my side. Hold my hand through all these continued trials and tribulations. Yes, please allow me to walk in Your light, lest I fall again. Praise be Yours, sweet Lord. Amen & Amen

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