Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calm Assurance

Lord God Jehovah, please hear my prayers??? Sweet Jesus, deliver my prayers on high, remember my name. My Lord, my sanctuary, there is no other God before You.

Steer me in the right direction, mark my path that I might find my way to Your Light. With the passing of each new day, I stand in the face of my fears. Satan is having a field day with me, heavenly Father. I seek Your face. I seek Your comforting arms. I seek Your face Jehovah.

I don't want to die, not just yet. I mean, I am not afraid of the process of death, I am simply terrified of leaving my children so very alone. Please Master, hear my cries. Please dearest Lord, hear me plead for the time to plant the right seeds. Allow me the time to undo all the bad and show them the way of Your blessings.

I ask You Jesus to command Your Angels to be posted by my family's side to guide them and keep them all safe. Let not Satan win this battle. Yes, this battle has been fought for so very long. Many times he won, sad to say and my family crumbled around me. Lest we forget Your many merciful blessings, Your precious Grace towards me and mine, give me time to lead by example, to affirm Your presence in our lives and work within these acts of faith. Let me have the time to give glory to Your Name. I will shout it from the rooftops.

Merciful Master, I ask for Your healing touch upon my broken body. Refresh my very spirit and please not allow me to die, giving Satan the win in this War. I've realized what a powerful soldier I was in his army. I did so many unspeakable things. I've been so ashamed and made low. My own family sees me as unforgivable. But the secret is that I am aware that it is just another tool Satan uses to kill me, mind, body and spirit.

No, he must not win this war, waged against myself and my family. Bless us and keep us, dearest Lord. Shine Your Light and show us the way. We are but blinded, deafened and made dumb. Now, give us ears to hear the truth. Remove the scales from our eyes so we might see the truth. And give us the words, wisdom and wherewithal to glorify Your Holy Name.

I seek Your face with such fervor. Stay close to me, my Father. Do not allow me to slip. Catch me as I fall. I know if it Your will, it will be done. May Your kingdom come soon. And again, I beg You to remember my name and save me from the final silence of death.

I praise Your holy Name and I give You thanks for the many everyday and ordinary blessings. So many of us tend to over look these simplest of blessings. I never want to forget or to take it all for granted ever again.

I am truly blessed, I am aware of it and so very thankful. Praise You Jehovah, praise Your holiest of Names. Amen & Amen

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