Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Jehovah

Lord, my kind and merciful Master, hear my prayers.

Heavenly Father, it would be so easy for Satan to win here. My own parents, whom I had the greatest respect for, have simple cut me away like a wart. This is not the first time, thus I should be used to it. But how do you get used to not being able to share your love, your life with your own Mother? You don't.

I ask you Jehovah to forgive my sins. I ask this fervently and I also ask for the courage to continue on. You know my heart, my Lord and you know my intentions as well as my intent. And so I turn to you for comfort and understanding. I run to you for calm assurance.

So many times, sweet Jesus, I have wanted to lash out and hurt them as they have so easily hurt me. So many times I wanted to tell them just how I have felt and what I think of their so called Christianity. I do not understand their way of thinking or their method in this madness. I know this much though; it is not based on Your Word, Lord.

So, sweet sweet Jesus, my salvation rests in You and I pray that You will be merciful. I pray that you will heal this family, this crisis. As well, I ask that You place Your Angels beside each and every member of my family, especially my grandbabies. Let Your light shine in their lives to guide them safely through this ever hastening latter days.

Yes, it is You Jehovah that leads me to still waters. I hear Your voice in the midst of it all. Stay with me and guide me, instruct me and help me lead my family to seek Your Face. I praise Your holy Name Jehovah. Amen & Amen