Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Prayer

I've made so many errors in my life, especially in raising my children. At night, I find myself praying for the forgiveness of my sins as well as my son's. This is because of the things I taught them and I pray that I can turn things around. Yes Lord, give me enough time on this earth that I might right some of my wrong.

Today my youngest child goes in front of a Judge to modify a court restraining order so he might see his son, Austen. I pray that the truth will prevail in all situations.

Heavenly Father, you are The Great Counselor and it is You that I seek shelter, truth and justice for my child. I firmly believe that You will give my child the words, wisdom and knowledge to stand firmly against these allegations.

My sweet Jesus, Waylon is in court at this very moment. His child's mother has become extremely viscious, cruel and vengeful. "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord." We will stand erect, faith deeply rooted in these words. And the truth shall set you free.

I ask in Jesus' Name that my children as well as my grandchildren will know Your bountiful blessings. I ask in Your Name that You will place Your Angels, set upon each and every one. I plead the Blood of Your son, my Lord Jesus Christ upon my entire family and ask for a complete healing.

Give me the understanding and wisdom as to how to proceed to begin this healing within my family, namely my Mother, Father, Brother and. I can not assume that I am promised tomorrow thus I need to not put it all off. Show me the err of my ways, my Lord. Allow me to forgive them all as I want them to forgive me. Allow them a glimpse of my pain. Allow them to see how they hurt me. Allow me to heal from this mess I helped create.

My God, it is beyond my understanding how they can call themselves "Christians" and yet carry so much animosity. It is beyond my understanding how they can not forgive me when I sincerely asked for their forgiveness. I meant it when I said I was truly sorry. I suffered so greatly that I wanted to take my own life. For my part in this all I ask for Your forgiveness. I also ask for You to reveal to them their part in all this. I do not believe they comprehend how they used me up and spit me out. I was, once again just another callous they cut off from their lives. Heal me from this, please my great and wonderful God. Reveal to me how I should proceed in all this.

I praise Your Holy Name. I give thanks and praise. You are a gracious God and I am blessed. Amen