Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Prayer

My Lord and Master please hear my prayer. I have come before You asking that You might be my strength, my rock, my salvation. Without You I have nothing. The older I get the more I realize this.

Sweet Jesus, I come to You in such need. I am so afraid, please calm my fear and take this pain away from me.

Lord, You know the truth and I ask that You deal fairly. Yes, I have a problem and I need help. Give me the strength and wisdom to get through all of this. It is huge and the implications are so real.

When it's all said and done, You are my only hope. Please come to my rescue and pull me through all this.

I praise You for all that You have done for me as well as my family. We want for nothing. We are basically all healthy short of Austin and Kassie which I ask for to continue to enable them to breathe.

Bless my children as well as their children, wives, mothers and place Your Angels around them all.

I plead the Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ upon each and every one of my family members.

It is You, the one true God that I come to. You are my only answer, my only hope. Please come to me Lord and get me through all of these trials.

I praise You and give You thanks. You are a just and fair God and I thank You. Amen

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Bill Dotson said...

I came upon your post from a Google Alert I set up on the phrase "plead the blood". I do this every day for my family and believe God showed me something about this which I wrote about in my blog in 2006. You might be interested in reading it at: Be blessed!