Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, You know the truth. You know what is right and I ask for intercession on my behalf. I will take the consequences, come what may but please stay with me.

Lord, I do not know why I am being challenged but I do not like it. I come to you for refuge, I come to You for calm assurance.

My sweet Jesus, You must know what can happen if they win, if they prevail. DO NOT allow it. Let the Light win over the darkness.

I praise Your Holiest of Names. You are my Lord & Master and I shall not want. Stay with me Lord. Never allow me to fall as I did before. Never allow me to descend into that darkness ever, please!

Come to my defense God of all gods. I praise You and I give You thanks. Amen & Amen




Haven't been to you blog since 2006. I was going back through the archives of my onw blog and happened on a comment you left there. I am encouraged that you are still walking with the Lord.

God is good!

God is great!

God is coming back!

Josh Tate

~Babz~ said...

Howdy BK,

Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I was dealing with the death of my estranged husband.

Yes, I am still and will always walk with "our" Lord. And yes, He is so good, is He not?

It has been proven to me even more so as of late, just how good He is. And the older I get the more I realize that I am so very blessed and have been watched over my entire life.

I mean, you know how we complain and grumble of and about our misfortune in life and yet we do not readily see just how good God is to us. And I do believe that is because we take even the smallest of blessings for granted.

I so appreciate your stopping by and hope to hear from you again soon. In the mean time, I pray for your blessings and abundance thereof.

Huge Hugz,