Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Prayer

My heavenly Father, my Lord and Master. I humbly come before you, I beg Your forgiveness for my sins and the sins of my sons. May I be forgiven for all the wrong which I taught them. It weighs heavily upon my heart. Give me time, here on this earth to somehow right the wrong, to leave a positive legacy and not the atrocity which was my life.

Dear Lord, You've delivered up my youngest son to me, safely, content all the way from Iowa. I laid my trust in You and You held it closely. I am beyond grateful for this wonderful visit. Give me that opportunity to speak to him, You know of that which has been spoken to me by The Spirit.

I am listening and I ask that You use me to teach my children all that needs to be taught before I go from here. Again, it all weighs rather heavily and I must right the wrongs. Forgive them for that which they do not know. Allow me the words, straight from the Spirit, the words which their father could've, should've spoke to them, taught them. Give me that opportunity to be both mother and father. Guide my words, my sweet Jesus.

Once again, this month You had mercy upon me and delivered me from the throes, the very clutches of sickness. You are a divine Master, merciful and Just. I praise Your holy Name.

Guide my path as to how I should proceed, what I should say concerning Wam and his girlfriend. I do not know what's right or what's wrong? I ask for discernment. Please my merciful and awesome God, show Your Spirit to me and take my hand, lead me along the path of a righteous Mother.

I ask, once and again for You to bless my children and keep them safe from harms way. I have noticed, if nothing else in my life, that this is an area where I need take note of just how good You have been to me and mine. No calamity, no crisis. I do see what and all that You do for me. Place Your Angels around my family and keep them safe. I pray that once again, You'll cleanse the lungs of my grandbabies with Cystic Fibrosis. I'll ask once again for You to allow them to breathe and begin the healing. You are my only hope and my only God!

I Praise Your Holy Name! Amen