Friday, November 20, 2009

My Prayer

My Lord and Master, please hear my prayers. Forgive my sins and know that I am trying to be a better woman, a better Matriarch to this family. Give me strength, guidance and direction. I am rather lost and the fear inside, well, I know it is not natural. I welcome Your calm assurance. I'll welcome you to hold my hand sweet Jesus.

Today I go to the Doctor and hear my test results. Your will be done as always but I plead for Your tender mercies. I know that I deserve the pain and anguish which I have brought upon myself. But dear Jesus you know my heart and that I mean well. You know I need to try harder and that is why I ask for strength and guidance.

Please be merciful and speak to my Doctors heart. I want to break this situation and I ask for the Holy Spirit to minister to me on the daily so that I might live right. Yes, that is the truth of the matter; I am weak and You are strong. Please hold me up and give me the backbone to not only think before I do but realize the repercussions of my actions.

I pray you'll place Your Angels at the side of all my children as well as their children. They are all precious to me and such a wonderful gift, my Lord. Allow me to live long enough to make things right and spur me on to do the right things as well as teach better habits. Allow me to remember that these children are all gifts and must be raised knowing You, knowing they are not alone and that they need only to seek You in all aspects of their lives.

I ask for special considerations today my Holy Redeemer. Please pardon my inconsistencies and have mercy upon my soul. Nothing good will come from the things I have allowed. Let it impact me in my mind but please do not allow me to suffer as it will affect those around me. They count on me so and I need to remember this.

I'll welcome You to hold my hand today. My very soul is shaking. Please minister to my soul. I praise Your Holy Name.

I walk in circles, much of the day in fear, that unnatural, unhealthy fear. Some would call it mental health issues. I call it unnatural fear because I have nothing to fear but You, my heavenly Father. I respect, fear and fall on my face. I am not nor will I ever be righteous enough to look You in the face. But all my life, I have sought You my Lord and I do so hope that one day You will allow me to feel Your warm and loving breath upon my face.

My sweet sweet Jesus, I am so very grateful for the blessings of today. You are a merciful Master, a truly loving Father. You took into consideration the true nature of my heart. I am trying, you know this. I've come a long way but still have a long way to go. I pray you'll guide me the rest of the way so that the time I have left will be productive and to Your glory.

Heavenly and gracious Lord I ask that You will heal my grandbabies, especially Austen. He is such a sprite but loving child who suffers so. You have the power and I have the faith that if you chose so, he will be healed. May it all be to Your glory magnificent Master.

It hurts my heart to the point of breaking to worry and wonder about the care of all my grandbabies. I ask You to place Your Angels all along their way. Allow them not to stumble or fall. I ask also that You'll guard my children and the mothers of all these, my grandbabies. This is a fearful world my Lord, let it not devour us. Let it not rule us and allow me time to make things right and to leave a legacy to Your glory and Your glory alone.

I praise Your my sweet Lord. Your death on the cross, may it not be in vain where I am concerned. I pray you'll know my name and the intention of my heart. There is no god before You as You are the one true God, my God and I sing Your praises. Amen and Amen

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Liliana said...

Hello B

How are you? I hope you'll be fine. Jesus is our health!