Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Prayer

Although I try to smile, I am crying and dieing inside. I am bound by my pain, my Lord and I ask for your divine intervention. And I thank you for all of these blessings, these mini miracles. Yes, I do see them as mini miracles. I praise you for your wisdom and weight in all matters.

My pain is nothing compared to some. The woman who was raped by six boys/men in Dunbar Village/Florida, well, I pray for her healing as well as her sons. How absolutely horrific! Yes, six succumbed to the hype that is gang life, behavior and follow the leader mentality. Because of all this, for the half hour of heinous behavior, because some boys had a distinct misunderstanding of what manhood represents, their lives will be forever ruined. Their families lives, their poor Mothers lives forever ruined.

Lord, I pray for their mothers. I pray for Justice but for blessings, even in disguise might come from this. How, in the name of such awfulness can we see any blessing? We must for if we do not Satan will have won once again in this scourge against humanity. And I do believe it is Satan in all his folly directing, orchestrating, leading this madness.

We have a right to choose. We have a right to say no but Satan fills their/our heads with lies. Then it is he who laughs as they administer the sentence or their death penalty cocktail. There are no winners in that.

The sidelines will be full for those calling for their blood as their mothers weep tears filled with such burden, such pain. Is there any condolence for these mothers? Is there any reprieve from such?

The very fact that I do believe in the power of prayer, even from the likes of me, someone they have no idea of, they do not even know me or of me but I do pray. I will pray for the victims and they are all victims of such vile hatred, even the accused. I pray for peace that which they may not know. I pray for their calm assurance and for healing.

Lord, I seek your face, I seek your forgiveness, myself. Forgive me for the instant of hatred that I felt as I watched the testimony of the youngest of the Dunbar Six as well as the others. May they know Justice and be reigned in, knocked to their senseless knees so they might seek you out.

Let Satan not win on this one. Let something, anything good to come from all this. I beg you sweet sweet Jesus and I humbly ask for even this prayer to be heard. Take away the victims pain, both Mother and son and allow them to heal. This would be your finest hour. In Jesus name I ask all this. Amen

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