Monday, June 29, 2009

My Prayer

It is late, my mind is weary. My concern is for Austen Cody, "Lil' Man" as they so fondly refer to my youngest Grandson. Austen has CF and tonight is struggling to breathe.

The last phone call I got told of Lil' Man crying, not able to be comforted, not wanting to eat. His Mom had to pick him up from Daycare and they've headed to Iowa City, a good two hour drive from their home. But it is there that they'll find the Specialists in CF.

My Prayer, my heavenly Lord is that you will see fit to give these Doctors the wisdom and know how in order for them to treat Austen. You are The Great Physician and I have but to place all my faith in you. Having said this, I know that you run the show and these Doctors answer to you.

My Lord God, I ask for Divine Intervention on this child's behalf. Give him calm assurance and place your Angels at his bedside. Allow them to minister to this baby, holding his hand and heart, ever so gently.

As he struggles to breathe, something which we all take so much for granted, do not allow him to suffer not one iota. Yes, my Lord, I believe if you say it, it will be so. And I'm praying, I am believing that you will deliver my grand baby up from the ravages of this storm. I just do, I just believe.

I praise you and give you thanks my sweet, sweet Jesus. You are a gracious and wonderful God in whom I shall lay my trust. I place no other God before you, as there is no God, no greater, nothing greater than You.

My Sweet Lord, please show us your mercy, forgive our sins, now and at the hour of our death. I am Barbara, Your daughter. Please remember my name and say that you do, in fact know me. I know I have been a brat, throughout all these years but my Lord I do so want to be good and known as Your daughter. Now, this child which you have placed with us is so very sick. I ask for Your hand upon him now and all the days of his life.

I am profoundly grateful as I just know, I have faith that you will intervene. Let it all be to the Glory of Your Holy Name. This is Your child, my Lord, will you not allow him this fear as he struggles to breathe. I believe in this, I believe in You and I just know you will prevail. May the Saints sing Your glory and I praise Your precious Name. Yes, You are my God and I thank You. Amen

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