Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prayers Please???

My Friends,

Well, if you're the praying sort, as I am, I could/should/would/will appreciate your prayers for tomorrow. My newest Grandbaby will be born tomorrow morn via C-Section.

Yes, the son that I currently live with, my middle son Bill and his wife will be welcoming "Jaxon Aiden" bright and early tomorrow. Now, I have all the faith in the world that all will be well but it never ever hurts for extra prayer and in fact I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

Hahaha...and pray that I will get through it all. This Grandma gig is growing by the daily!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Prayer

It is late, my mind is weary. My concern is for Austen Cody, "Lil' Man" as they so fondly refer to my youngest Grandson. Austen has CF and tonight is struggling to breathe.

The last phone call I got told of Lil' Man crying, not able to be comforted, not wanting to eat. His Mom had to pick him up from Daycare and they've headed to Iowa City, a good two hour drive from their home. But it is there that they'll find the Specialists in CF.

My Prayer, my heavenly Lord is that you will see fit to give these Doctors the wisdom and know how in order for them to treat Austen. You are The Great Physician and I have but to place all my faith in you. Having said this, I know that you run the show and these Doctors answer to you.

My Lord God, I ask for Divine Intervention on this child's behalf. Give him calm assurance and place your Angels at his bedside. Allow them to minister to this baby, holding his hand and heart, ever so gently.

As he struggles to breathe, something which we all take so much for granted, do not allow him to suffer not one iota. Yes, my Lord, I believe if you say it, it will be so. And I'm praying, I am believing that you will deliver my grand baby up from the ravages of this storm. I just do, I just believe.

I praise you and give you thanks my sweet, sweet Jesus. You are a gracious and wonderful God in whom I shall lay my trust. I place no other God before you, as there is no God, no greater, nothing greater than You.

My Sweet Lord, please show us your mercy, forgive our sins, now and at the hour of our death. I am Barbara, Your daughter. Please remember my name and say that you do, in fact know me. I know I have been a brat, throughout all these years but my Lord I do so want to be good and known as Your daughter. Now, this child which you have placed with us is so very sick. I ask for Your hand upon him now and all the days of his life.

I am profoundly grateful as I just know, I have faith that you will intervene. Let it all be to the Glory of Your Holy Name. This is Your child, my Lord, will you not allow him this fear as he struggles to breathe. I believe in this, I believe in You and I just know you will prevail. May the Saints sing Your glory and I praise Your precious Name. Yes, You are my God and I thank You. Amen

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pennies From Heaven

I get "Our Daily Bread" in my emails and this is an excerpt from one of the readings...

[Jesus said,] “This poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury.” —Mark 12:43

In 1987, Mike Hayes, a freshman at the University of Illinois, found a unique way to finance his education. He convinced a popular columnist at the Chicago Tribune to ask his readers to “send in a penny for Mike.”

“Just one penny,” Hayes said. “A penny doesn’t mean anything to anyone. If everyone . . . looks around the room right now, there will be a penny under the couch cushion . . . or on the floor. That’s all I’m asking. A penny from each of your readers.”

In less than a month the fund was up to 2.3 million cents. Donations came in from all over the US, as well as Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas. Mike eventually ended up with $28,000!

Years ago, I managed to save about $165 just in pennies. As a single Mom that money came in real handy at Christmas time. I treated the pennies as if I was not allowed to use them and they had to go in the jug, never to be spent.

The reading made me think that it would be a really good example for our children, if we teach them to save their pennies. Furthermore, for them to save them for a good cause may be the very best example.

Oddly enough, I watched as my youngest son just dropped a few pennies on the ground as we were in the drive through at a fast food restaurant. I wished I had said something about it right then and there but I didn't. Call me weird, call me frugal, call me what you will but throughout these years, I have had a "thing" about picking up pennies, you know, ones you might find on the ground. The old wives tale about picking up a lucky penny, only if it's heads up gave me great trepidation for some time. But as the years wore on, I changed the rules and I even taught that to my kids;

"You can pick a penny up, if it's heads down if you turn it heads up as it's still touching the ground."

They'll do this to this very day. That, in itself is a good example of teaching our children, meaning they'll believe what we tell them if we take the time to teach them. I only wish that I'd taught them more of a reliance on The Father.

But the point of this post is, as stupid as it may seem, there's a lesson to be taught when it comes to pennies.

First; Never be too good to pick up a penny when you see it on the ground.

Second; It is humbling to squat down and pick up that penny, maybe in front of strangers.

Third; If we find a penny, we should take the time to thank God for that find and give it back in some sort of contribution to charity.

Yes, with that useless penny, lives can and could be changed. Teach your children to never arrogantly discard their pennies, teach them to save them, teach them to give back to a charity of their choice. This in turn, will open up a wonderful dialogue with your child concerning charitable works, what charity is and what might be in their heart. Charity=Love, they must be taught this.

Tithing is important, a premise I did not care for or really understand till I grew up, (a few months ago)
. There was a time when I was quite resentful about tithing. It made no sense to me and I remember thinking, "Good gravy, God doesn't need my money. Why do I have to give at Church?"

My thinking is of course, laughable at best but I'd be willing to wager that I am not alone when I thought this way. Giving resentfully is NOT what God wants. God also does not like stupid either and I am referring to those that give and place themselves in jeopardy possibly not being able to pay a bill. He also does not care too much for those that give simply in a "Show Off" mentality.

Now, I can't speak for the Father but I do believe that the understanding is to give from the heart, give in faith and give quietly, a communique between just yourself and our Lord.The point may be to teach your children to simply give, if even a penny at a time. They do add up, try it you'll see!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Prayer

I am set to fly out of Buffalo International tomorrow at 7:30 pm, headed to Iowa. My youngest son, Waylon and his family live there. Oddly enough, I'm as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, lol!

Waylon, or Wam as we've called him since he was born has two children with Cystic Fibrosis. His oldest daughter, Kassandra lives in Arizona while his youngest lives with him in Iowa. I'll meet my grandson, Austen for the first time.

My Prayer is that all goes well. I won't be back from Iowa for two weeks. Now, here at home, where I live with my middle son, Bill, his wife, Halena and my two grandkids, Lil Bill and Samantha things are a bit jumbled and now's not exactly a great time to be leaving. Halena is due to have their 3rd child on July 7th but will be having a C-Section scheduled for July 1st. Again, I pray that she does not go into labor early as I am needed here to help with the children while she goes into the hospital.

This Grandma business is not easy, ya know. I do feel needed right here at home. I am the one who watches over the kids while they work and sleep, I cook and clean, you know like Grandma's do. My concern of course, is that I will come home to emaciated grandkids as my daughter-in-law admittedly can not really cook. God knows what they did before I got here other than eat garbagy stuff.

Laughingly, I will pray that my son and his children will not waste away to nothing before I get back.Yes, we all have our strong suits and cooking is not Halena's. She's an award winning CNA, good with her patients, patient with her patients at an area Nursing Home, more patient than I might be. Aw, patience with the patients.Now, ain't that cute?

Back on the subject, it does baffle me how a person never learns to cook or do dishes right. I guess it goes back to how a person is raised, right? But she will serve strange things, as she did the other night. On a night, a rare one but a night when I was so sick I couldn't lift my head off the pillow,
well, this was the menu; Instant mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and left over chicken flavor rice vermacelli.
God help us all!

So....my prayer is that all will be well on the Eastern Front as I am gone to the Midwest for those two weeks. Yes, I am nervous about leaving, flying, a new baby, leaving at this crucial time, etc., etc.

If you might read this, I ask that you bow your head and say a prayer that it all goes off without a hitch, that my poor grandbabies will not starve in the midst of my absense, that this new baby might wait to be born till I get back and everything just falls into place.

I might add that I happen to notice that although I don't have a diddley dime, last summer I traveled to Arizona for a week, stayed at a nice Hotel, met my two granddaughters, one for the first time, one in too many years that brought about tears of joy and now this summer, I'll get to meet my other grandbabies. God is good, NO, He's terrific. And I am so very grateful! Amen Brother!!