Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Remind Me

To tune in on God's voice, we've got to tune out the world. Sssssssssssh Listen!


Doug and Lori said...

Babs- Hugs!!

~Babz~ said...

Doug & Lori, so wonderful to hear from you. I apologize for the awful comments you are stuck between by a really not so nice man.

Big Hugz Back @Ya

Doug and Lori said...

Babz- that's why I was sending you a hug! :)

Liliana said...

Hello Babz...about the post...its so true. Sometimes we talk so much that we forget to listen. In a pray there should be time to talk and to listen the voice of God.

Babz said...

Doug & Lori, It's always good to hear from you, it makes me smile! And I sure appreciate the hugs.

That guy is really quite hateful and goes around on recovery blogs spouting about the 12 steps and how they are so anti-Christian and so on. Now, he may be right, who knows but his approach is rather nasty. He has told me that I am the daughter of the devil and has said really nasty things about my own father and so on.

I truly believe that he is of the conviction that he is doing the Lord's work but again, his approach his really hateful and if I may be so bold to say, very "Un-Christ Like."

I suppose all I can do is try to pray for him and ask God to take away my own arrogance concerning him.

How have you been feeling my old friend? I pray you are well and healing quickly!

Big Huge Hugs

Babz said...

Lili, I do not get a lot of people reading this blog and I mainly write my prayers here and so on. As well, I often write things that will remind me after I have a thought or have read something that makes sense to me. And it came to me that I spend more time than I should in prayer, talking throughout the entire time. What I need to do more often is to sit in silence and listen for the Lord's words and wisdom for me. Don't you agree that it's much easier to sit in a long conversation with the Lord and yet not hear His words for us?

It's quite pleasing to me for you to come and visit me. We have been friends for quite a long time now. I have missed you so it is so wonderful to hear from you. I wish you the best of blessings, ones that I know our Lord has in store for you. Yes, you with such a good and kind heart!


Doug and Lori said...

Sounds like you have been very wounded Babz- I am very sorry for that.
We are doing well...we just got finished with our 3rd year in seminary (still have a yr and a half to go), and we are moving tomorrow to another apartment. We are excited.
How have you been? Again, sorry for your wounded heart. May the Lord comfort you in the midst of all this!
Love, Lori

Micky said...

Dear Babz,
We prayed for you at ROSARY last week!