Saturday, April 11, 2009

For The Love of Austen & Kassandra

My Grandson Austen has Cystic Fibrosis as well as MRSA. This lil guy suffers but he does so with a smile on his face. Even within this sickness there is most assuredly a blessing. Yes, two of my grandbabies have CF and of course there's cause for concern. But every night I pray for their well being.

I will pray and have been praying for years that God sees fit to cleanse their lungs and system of the mucous that threatens their life.
See, with CF they are just full of this hateful mucous. It scars their lungs, it's in their bowels and they must take meds and pancreatic enzymes just to digest their food. It's a terrible state of affairs. But there's a silver lining in all this.

First, because of this disease, these children are precious and fragile. At the same time, I see God working and answering my every prayer concerning them.
"Lil' Man," as they fondly call Austen seems to really go through it. He's into his "Terrible Two's" which even for a child without CF means colds and cutting teeth but he's especially supseptible to anything and everything.

Beyond all this illness lies a calm assurance. I must often shake my head, literally, to keep myself in check and not to foster a lack of faith. I write that I have faith that my God will prevail and I believe my God will bless them and keep them, both Austen as well as my oldest grandchild, Kassandra.

If you read this, I ask that you might say a simple prayer for continued strength and wisdom on the part of their Doctors as well as the strength it must take for their Mama's, an undaunting endurance to keep them healthy and happy.. With God as their Great Physician...all things are possible. Amen!