Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jesus First/Faith Not Fiction

He is a good and gracious God!! My new line of thinking is to put Jesus first in all things. I realized that, well for one, I wear the weight of the world, if nothing else, at least my own family, across my narrowing shoulders. I run the roost, run the show and if it was said that I've been guilty of "micro-managing" I could not deny it.

The older I get the more I realize that I do not know it all, as I so fondly thought. Far be it from me to NOT admit this but just when I thought I'd seen it all, knew it all, it was proven time and again that in fact, I did not and had not. Personal growth, I suppose.

Possibly the most wonderful thing I have learned and it's a fresh way of thinking is to place "Jesus First" in all things.I do believe the second greatest thing I have learned is to really apply the "Let go and let God" principle.

For me, this Jesus First application/mindset is huge. Because I am of the management mentality, I am used to being the consummate problem solver, the go-to gal. I might even appear as if I have my act together. In fact, I don't, never have and probably never will. That doesn't stop people, family and so forth from coming to me for help, guidance and to solve the would be riddle of the day.

The chief ingredient here is the wholehearted acknowledgment that I can not fix it all, "I need help." I have been guilty of worrying myself sick and when it comes right down to it, it's just a big deal to me to realize that I need only to go straight to the top with anything and everything in my life.

Faith Not Fiction

I am grateful, in the Autumn of my life to have finally come to the realization that I have the one true God, my own personal Physician and Counselor, just a call away. What I mean is, yes, we all know that we should pray and go to the Father. But the difference is the application of doing this for all things, no matter how large, no matter how minute or even what appears to be petty.

It is faith and not fiction that I may go to Jesus first and ask for wisdom, guidance and direction. I've known all this for years but I never applied it. I worried and struggled...needlessly.

Almighty Father, you are so wonderful and I thank you for answering my prayers. You know my heart. It was once black and hardened, necrotic and actually egotistical. You forgave me and allowed me to heal what was important and grow from those circumstances. I praise You for this and I ask for your continued blessings. I ask for your continued guidance and the wisdom to lead this family. Allow me the time, Dear Lord, to do the right thing. Allow me the time to right some of this wrong.

I seek Your face, I seek to walk in Your light. I seek the answers, the wisdom, the know how to lead this family. I seek Your favor. I pray for these continued blessings for my children and grandchildren. I am so pleased that you have chosen to bless me with these wonderful grandkids. I am even more pleased that even though two of my grandkids have Cystic Fibrosis, You, my Sweet Sweet Jesus, allow them to enjoy their health. I can not put into words how wonderful this is and I thank You and praise Your holy Name. Amen!


Doug and Lori said...

Hi Babz! Sorry to not write in so very long! How are you?

Babz said...

Doug & Lori, it's truly wonderful to hear from you. It's also nice to hear that someone cares enough to comment here. I do not get many comments here. Maybe that speaks volumes either to my disposition, where I need to be or strive to be or the person I need to be, you know, known as a daughter of God first. Hmmm, I must think about this.

Huge Hugz my friend!

Doug and Lori said...

I'm with ya Babz- we don't always get very many comments either! And I often have to remind myself not to take it personally and feel bad because of it. So silly I guess.

How have you been?


~Babz~ said...

Doug & Lori,

It did make me think that, well, because I do get a lot of traffic to my other blogs,(Ask Aunt B for one) is this an indication of me or my persona or a beacon as to peoples worldly interests?

I've been fairly fair you might say. I'm finally in a Pain Mgmt group that is beyond thorough, a true blessing. I'll have to stop by and see how you're doing as well. Put on the coffee, my ol friend.


PS You know one of these days, I'd just love to sit and chat with you. I will make it a goal once I sell my book!