Monday, February 23, 2009

My Prayer

My Lord, my God, my heavenly Master, please hear my prayer.

I am grateful that you got me through that last week of hell. I did learn a valuable lesson and I ask for continued strength. I am grateful as well that you did not allow me to perish and I am beginning to realize just how close to death I really was. If nothing else I felt I was dying inside. I beg you, my Lord to guide me, walk me through these trying times.

I come to you my Father and ask for healing in so many aspects of my life. As well, I ask you to take away whatever it is that is making me cuss your word in the back of my mind. Forgive me Lord, it is not me, it is not what I want to do. I am aware of it and have a good idea that it is a demonic spirit that causes me to think this way. Right here, right now, I state that I am more than aware that you hold dominion over all things, over and above any demon that may persecute me. I pray, I ask fervently for you to remove this oppression, this thing, whatever it is that causes me to swear in my head. You are my Lord and my Master and I must feed on your Word. Lord, you are Master of all things and I beseech you for your help and healing.

Sweet Jesus, I humbly come before you and ask for continued healing of my family and their issues. I thank you for the progress we have made thus far. I also thank you for the continued health of two of my grandchildren who have Cystic Fibrosis. So much could go wrong but you hear my prayers, I know you do Lord. I am so aware that it is your healing touch which allows these children, all of my grandkids to enjoy their health and happiness.

It is actually no small miracle that these children have not suffered. I acknowledge Your heavenly hand upon them all. I plead the Blood upon them. I beg you for your continued protection for my children and grandchildren.

Sometimes, my Lord, we need to count the simplest blessings. I mean, when I see how some children suffer, their parents in such dismay for the health and well being of their babies due to some illness or disease, I realize that I have been so very blessed for all these years. My own children have never been seriously hurt, maimed or taken from me. No, I have enjoyed these, my babies for all these years. That is no small miracle and I have a super realization of how extremely awesome that is. I am so very grateful. You are an awesome God.

Yes, it would be so easy to dwell on the hardships of life, the pain, my very own pain. But how grand it is, my sweet Lord, that you have chosen to bless me through all of this. Even more astounding, to me, is the fact that my children, my sons, who were more or less, in many ways neglected, in their teens, due to my addiction but have such forgiving souls. This is truly a gift on so many levels. First and foremost, although they are not what some might term as"successful" in a worldly, financial aspect, they are most certainly, each and every one of them, wonderful human beings, good hearted men who care about the important issues in life, namely, treating others as you'd want to be treated, honor, respect, values and a firm belief in You my Heavenly Host. They also do not try to hurt or scam others nor do they advance in life at the expense of others. These are actual accomplishments, a perspective on what is truly important in life. They are men of heart, genuine and real. I am proud of them because of this and can only be grateful because they shook off the bad influences they could have so readily embraced. I praise Your Holy Name for this, all of this.

I ask you Lord to guide me as I walk through this life, may I live as example. May they know when they see me that I am Your daughter. I also ask that you might see fit to speak to my daughter and granddaughter, speak to their hearts that they may know that they must both, each look in the mirror. I pray that Faye will reach her bottom so I might be there to help pull her back up. I ask that you speak to Jessie that she might know that I only want her to be a good person, an upstanding woman, no more brazen or brash, no more selfish behavior. Allow her to hear my words without all this anger but to understand that I care enough to tell her what and how I feel. Allow her to understand my words and grow from them. Let them help but never hinder? More importantly, may my words be from the Spirit and not a fabrication unto my own. Let my words be your words and spoken to her soul.

My prayer to you sweet sweet Jesus is that you might continue to bless my family. I ask for guidance and wisdom, strength and stamina so that I might get done all that is pertinent. There is so much to be done and I can not seem to focus as I should, as I must. I pray for the wherewithal to accomplish all that needs to be done; the book, SSI and most of all, those things that I need to do before I die so that I might be a positive influence long after I am gone.

Again, I am so very grateful for each and every miracle, big and small and I certainly recognize that all these goods things are blessings you have rained down upon me and mine. You are a truly fantastic, just, caring and awesome God, there is no God before you. And my goal is for nothing is this entire world, no material thing, no one person or situation to come before you. I have the faith to get through this life and I know that you are real and I am your daughter. Too many good things have happened to me and for me to explain any of it away as coincidence, luck or magic. All these good things are from and of You, my Lord. May I never forget this, may I always remember even the minute details of your glorious blessings upon me and mine.

I praise Your Holy Name. I am grateful beyond words. I do not deserve Your continued blessings but I am surely, truly grateful. Thank you, my Lord. Amen!

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Bill Dotson said...


I happened upon your post from a Google Alert I set on the phrase, "Plead the blood". Many of the readers of my blog come there from searches on that topic. I thought you might be interested in what God showed me about pleading the blood. I wrote about it in January 2006 and you can find it at:, scroll down near the bottom.
Be blessed!