Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, you you read my prayers to you? I hope you hear them as I type them, it helps me to process and to get them out.

Although I am feeling rather rough, I do know that it could be much much worse. This is somewhat of a miracle and I know that it is from You, my Lord. My sweet Jesus, I thank you.

I ask for your continued support. I am so weak, yet you hold me up. I must carry on, push and continue, lest I fall and never get up again.

Help me sweet Lord, stay with me in the night? My body is racked with pain but somehow I know it could be much worse and I just want to acknowledge that I feel it and just know that it is your intervention that is making it even a tad easier.

As well, my Lord, I ask for the words to convey what I need tomorrow. Intervene on my behalf as I know that you are The Great Physician. Please don't make me wait any longer, I beg you my Lord.

I praise you my heavenly Father, your word sustains me. Forgive me for my weakness that brought me to this point. Give me strength oh Lord and allow me restraint. I praise your holy Name, Christ Jesus. Amen and Amen

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