Friday, January 09, 2009

My Prayer

Truly my Lord, you are awesome. You heard my cries, you listened to my prayers. You performed, nothing short of a miracle for me. I am beyond grateful. May my heart speak the words to you, that I can not. You heard these words as I prayed to you today, a mish mash of a prayer. I was almost too exacerbated, too full of fear to pray. I was weak and you held me up...once again.

Sweet Jesus, I could hardly pray but you heard me when I cried out for mercy. You have, once again, blessed me. I thank you for these blessings and pray for your continued favor. As well, I ask for you to place your Angels around those that are near and dear to me. This family is held in place on Your Word and I pray that I have the wisdom to carry this family, based upon your word.

My Lord, we have two children who fight for breath every day, something even I take for granted. Specifically, my grandchildren, Kassandra and Austen have Cystic Fibrosis and must fight for that air every single moment. Allow them to be the blessing we know they are. Let us not hold our heads in pity or shame for the sins of the father but hold our heads up as we find joy as you perform your miracles every second of every day. Let us not cry out in sorrow but shout out your tender mercies because we know these children are true blessings as we enjoy them and hold them close.

Yes Sweet Jesus, it would be easiest to cry out in hardship as their mothers deal with their illness. Give them strength and allow the truth to be self evident that their sickness is not a hindrance but an act of God, a testament to your love for each of us, for these children especially.

No there is no blame. There is no shame. There is only the joy we find in their health. As I do every night, I pray to you for their continued health. I pray that you will give their mothers the strength to carry on. I pray that you will give them wisdom to know how to proceed. I pray you will give them calm assurance. All this can only come from the Father. You have been good to us, lest we take it for granted. These children are our blessing and we thank you and ask for your ever present Spirit to maintain, protect and guide their Doctors in their care.

I ask for you to forgive our sin, forgive them for what they do not know. Give me time, temperance and the ability to carry on the badly needed healing of this, my family. Allow me to lead with my words, the words of the Father only.

I ask all this my Lord in Your Name. Amen

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