Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini Miracles

(The picture above Courtesy of Devoted Clothing)

I must proclaim that you, my Lord are my Master. I am so beyond grateful for your miracles today! I was so full of fear, yet you heard my prayers. So much could have gone wrong today but when it was all said and done and here it is at 11:45pm, you delivered not one, not two but as many as four or more answers to prayer. All to/for one who is not deserved.

My Lord, I really aspire to be a better person and I pray for you to hear my prayers as such. I ask for wisdom to lead, guidance to find my own way and the Light to show me that way. I aspire to be still and quiet enough to hear your words to me. I must admit that I tend to be loud when I should be quiet. In so many ways, I am still young and immature with so so much to learn.

I must say though, my Lord, I have matured enough to realize that you are a good and gracious Master as well as strictly the bearer of good will. It took me a long time to understand that my calamity, often brought on by me, myself and I was just surely that; my own brought on calamity, demise and undoing. When I ran ahead blindly, never ever stopping for directions in the form of your Word, it is then that I fell.

I've grown enough to begin to realize some of life's smallest hurdles are life's hurdles that are is often what we perceive and what we make of it.

May I lead as the Matriarch of this family, please my Lord for at least more than a season, long enough to leave them stronger and in the understanding that they are not alone, even in my death but they were always alone without you and you alone. No words could ever be truer and the realization that we are utterly alone, even in a crowded room...without your love, my Lord.

Please continue with this awesome and wonderful grace and mercy my Lord. I praise you with words from the depth of my soul. Yes Lord, when I was too weak to even pray, too weak to utter the words aloud, I know you heard me and addressed my needs. I plead the blood upon my entire family and pray for healing and restoration.

Yes, that's the cool part about being in the Autumn of my life, to be able to recognize even the mini miracles. My Sweet Jesus, please stay with me as well as my children. I ask for your continued blessings within this family and for all my grandchildren. Most of all, I just have the faith that you shall reign on high and see fit to watch over and keep, all of my family safe, posting your Angels all around them and their continued health. After all, it is written in stone, "Ask and ye shall receive," and I am asking fervently.

Praise be to you Heavenly Father. Praise and Thanks. Amen and Amen

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