Friday, October 17, 2008

Pondering The Passion

Every now and then, I get one of those "Ah ha" moments and had one this morning. It occurred to me as I lay praying, why God would give up His only Son to be crucified? I mean, why did he choose this method of all things to make a point?

It wasn't a choice, ah ha moment or a real brainy one but it was a thought filled one, one which just made perfect sense to me. I mean really, what could God have done to get man's attention on a level he might understand? Really, it might very well be in the direction of understanding or level of man's understanding that God took into consideration? And what I mean by this is I often ponder what or how would it feel if I had to give up any one of my sons?

Mother Mary stood as her son suffered. It is said that she too came close to death simply in bearing the pain and suffering of the act of His crucifixion. I can not imagine her pain. She was human, yet the mother of God and I do take comfort in the fact that it is apparent, that her very faith must have been challenged to be able to let go and trust in the heavenly Father.
"Let go and let God," to the n'th power, huh?

What I mean is that I often question my own faith and I don't know if comfort is the correct word but as I read the Word, the even temporary lack of faith of the disciples, the very men whom witnessed first hand miracles, it helps me to put things into perspective when I might be a Doubting Thomas.

Satan/Guilt, in it's nasty loudness makes us really feel less than, in those moments of doubt and often causes us to question our very own faith. I try to assure myself that even Mary wept for her dying son, even the disciples ran for the high ground.

My ah ha moment, as I said, was not a huge revelation but simply a matter of perspective. I realized that if we were to simplify, if that is possible, what could/would be understood by man it is an understandable situation, one which we could most likely grasp the most. It would have been more prevalent in days gone by but non the less graspable.

It is hard for me to put into words what I am trying to say, this premise of perspective concerning the crucifixion so bear with me;

It is not as prevalent today as it was in the era of Christ, the condition, the life, the very crux of family life and inheritance. In today's world the variables have changed drastically when it comes to what and how we embrace family values and traditions. The days when a boy grew into a man and inherited his family business, real estate, his very inheritance are just about gone. It was almost unheard of for a man to leave his family and not tend to the farm, shop and so on. He was groomed to learn his craft, the family business or how to farm, till the land and make it all work to provide.

It was sewn upon his heart that when he grew to be a man he would take over and inherit. If the parent(s)were still living into their elder years, it was just a known fact, a way of life that you would care for those parents. There certainly were no Nursing Homes to place your aging Mom & Pop, it was just a given that you cared for them yourselves. I highly doubt it was considered a burden either as it is often viewed these days. I dare say; things have changed for the worse.

A man married, raised a family, first hoping/praying that he would have a son to inherit his life, as well and the family craft or business was passed down from generation to generation. This was relevant enough that quite often, if a family had but one son, ailing parents, etc. even the Armed Forces would excuse a man to tend to his family farm, if that man was drafted. So it was a natural response and actual ambition to have many children and again praying that they were boys. This, of course, was especially true back in time when the man would marry and the woman's father would have a dowry, another form of inheritance, wrapped up neatly in the deal. The better the dowry, the better the deal.

The hope of every mother was to give her husband a son, it being the first born who would inherit or run the business. Christ had that inheritance, was that inheritance and was the ultimate sacrifice. It is a study in human understanding, a love and loss, we might be able to grasp. In turn, we are and do inherit, via the cross and that ultimate sacrifice.

It all comes back to the "human" emotion involved in this, the crucifixion and all it entails. We must each take up the cross, an inheritance as well and feel the true and most paramount of this practice each and every day. We must try to understand why God allowed His only Son to die for each of us who do choose to carry that cross and believe in Him. We must delve into this human, most primal of emotion and understanding what it took for our Lord to suffer as He did. We must try to grasp, even in the most kindergarten of manner the full magnitude of His suffering.

Yes, we've all read the story of Christ and His crucifixion. We've probably tried to even envision the suffering. The Passion of the Christ portrays His suffering in gruesome detail and is actually a first to really portray the true prolonged anguish and privation, from the scourging, to when Christ was, prior to being removed from the cross, stabbed just below the ribs, checking to see if he had died yet. The actuality of it all, from the emotion to physicality should be really studied and comprehended. It is quite painful to think of this suffering in it's true form, is it not?

Standing on the faith that the Word of the Father is final, true, right, just and righteous would be all you'd have as foundation. Suffice it to say that I would truly have to literally stand on that faith in order to watch my child, family member, friend or Lord, put through all this to save my soul, (ah yes, my soul) and that of the common man/believer.

Each and every day, I must ask myself if I could carry that cross and am I willing to die for Him???

My Lord and Master, may I, all the days of my life, appreciate what you did for me and mine. I ask you to forgive my sin, as well as the sins of these, my children and family and allow me to walk in Your Light. Give me the strength and wisdom to do Your will. May I be privy to this ultimate sacrifice in understanding and comprehension. I praise Your holy Name. You are my King, the King of all Kings and Lord of Lords. There is no other nor greater God than You. May I remember to serve only You. May I remember on the daily, to pick up my cross and carry it, without fear, trepidation nor complaint, just as You did. Please hear my prayer of repentance? Please help me Lord in my darkest hour and know that I mean these words. Allow them to be more than words but actions in Your Name. My ultimate goal Jesus is to emulate You, to behave more like You. My wish, sweet Lord, is that when they see me, they would say, "Yes, she is a daughter of Christ." Remember my name Heavenly Father, please? Amen

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