Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear me groan. Please forgive me? I seek your face. I ask for grace and mercy for my sin. I try to be strong and I fell. Was I being punished when I literally fell? I deserved it and I am sorry. Please help me as I am in so much pain.

My Lord, I know that I repeat my sin, not often but it weighs heavily upon me. I ask for strength to fight the opponent. Give me wisdom to see how he twists things and lies to me. I have learned from this and I do not want to fall again, figuratively and literally. Please forgive me.

Sweet Jesus walk with me again and call me by my name. I can not take your unbridled anger. I can not take this shame. I must be in your light or I will wither and waste away.

Hear my calls for your help, hear my anguish and pain. Allow me to walk in your light again. Allow me to know your forgiveness and mercy. Stay with me in the darkest hour. I beg for Your Spirit to pray with me, to guide me, to show me the way. I am so lost and need your light to find my way back.

You are the Great Physician, give me the tools to find healing. Give instruction to your minions in my repair, Oh Lord. You are my Lord and Master and I shall not want. I come to You for favor. I ask all this in Jesus' Name. Amen

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Doug and Lori said...

Babz! I am so grateful that Jesus' mercy and grace is poured on me even though I don't deserve it and could never possibly earn it. I hope He has heard your cries and comforted your heart my friend! Please pray that He would comfort my heart also!