Friday, August 15, 2008

My Prayer

My Lord and Master, forgive my sins and allow me to sit at your feet once again. I pray for your blessings, I pray that you will watch over my children and grandchildren. Lord, I ask that you heal Austen. See my Lord, I believe that You and only You might heal Austen and diminish his suffering. If you choose to sweet Jesus, you might breathe life into their lungs, both Austen as well as Kassandra and take away all that scar tissue. Please minimize their suffering. I pray for your mercy, my Lord. I was too sick to see the err of my ways. I ask for forgiveness. I ask for guidance and if You could hold my hand and walk me down the path which you choose for me. I want you to smile down upon me and mine. Never leave me my Lord. Have grace and mercy upon me all the days of my life. Heavenly Father, allow me enough time to right some of this wrong. I ask all this in Jesus' Name. Amen

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear me groan. Please forgive me? I seek your face. I ask for grace and mercy for my sin. I try to be strong and I fell. Was I being punished when I literally fell? I deserved it and I am sorry. Please help me as I am in so much pain.

My Lord, I know that I repeat my sin, not often but it weighs heavily upon me. I ask for strength to fight the opponent. Give me wisdom to see how he twists things and lies to me. I have learned from this and I do not want to fall again, figuratively and literally. Please forgive me.

Sweet Jesus walk with me again and call me by my name. I can not take your unbridled anger. I can not take this shame. I must be in your light or I will wither and waste away.

Hear my calls for your help, hear my anguish and pain. Allow me to walk in your light again. Allow me to know your forgiveness and mercy. Stay with me in the darkest hour. I beg for Your Spirit to pray with me, to guide me, to show me the way. I am so lost and need your light to find my way back.

You are the Great Physician, give me the tools to find healing. Give instruction to your minions in my repair, Oh Lord. You are my Lord and Master and I shall not want. I come to You for favor. I ask all this in Jesus' Name. Amen

Friday, August 01, 2008

My Prayer

I seek your face, my Lord. I pray you will forgive my sins and hear my prayers to you?

Why do I feel so out of touch. I want to walk in your light. I realize that when I am not within the scope/distance of your light, it is only darkness and I can not see. Help me sweet Jesus. Please help me and help my family. As well, forgive the sins of my children, forgive them for what they do not know.

I plead the blood over my children and theirs, my grandbabies. I ask you to open doors for them, as only you can do. I realize that I have no control over the situation and it makes me worry some. I realize it is a lack of faith to worry as I do. So, I come to you, heavenly Father and ask for your help.

My son Waylon needs to find a safe and affordable home for he and his family. I am truly grateful, my Lord, that you moved mountains, you answered my prayers concerning Waylon. You kept him safe, you gave him back his job and he was able to pay his fines off, such a good thing. Now, his energy, time and money need to apply to getting a home for his family. I am more than grateful that, with every prayer, you have honored and afforded good health for his son, Austen. I am also thankful that you opened that door of opportunity concerning the lawyer to fight for Austen's case. Austen and Kassandra have Cystic Fibrosis, a terrible diagnosis but with your intervention, my Lord, they need never to suffer. I ask that you place your Angels around them. I ask that you heal their scarred lungs and remove the build up of mucous within their system, attributed to this insidious disease. Only you may do this my King and I believe that you are the only reason they remain healthy. I believe that you hear and answer my prayers and I am grateful.

Then, I hope and pray that Waylon will see the problems within his extended family and work on his relationship with his other children. Things are so strained with the relationship with his daughter Jaylynn. Her mother is quite adamant about keeping us all out. She has nothing nice to say about Waylon and says that he is good for nothing. There's always three sides to every story, Hers, His and the Facts. May they both look in the mirror and see the truth. I ask for direction as to how to proceed there. I want a good relationship, I want to know my granddaughter Jaylynn. Please help me, my Lord.

I thank you for the opening of closed doors concerning Waylon's other daughter, Kassandra. She will be 10 on August 4th and it has taken all these years to begin the healing process. It has been a long wait, many years upon years to get to this juncture but I am grateful for any steps forward. Lord, you know that I have prayed, every night of my life for Kassandra to breathe. Once again, you have honoroed my prayers. Show me the way sweet Jesus?

I pray for direction for my other two sons, Lee and Bill. They are so lost. Help them please? May your will be done my Lord. It is the hardest thing for me to let go, close my eyes and have the faith that the things they must go through, those everyday trials and tribulations are a must and I must not interfere or cushion and comfort. My Lord, you know of what I speak/write. Yes, I realize that they must go through such things to round up, round out who they will be. I feel you move through this family with the realization that all things happen for a reason. But it does hurt to see them suffer sweet Jesus. Will you comfort me please?

Satan you will not win, I am the daughter of Jesus!

I wrote about 10 paragraphs after this. It was about my pain concerning my family, especially my sister. I went to copy that part to mail to my sister and it simply disappeared. Was I not to send it? Or was it Satan having his way with me? Show me the way my Lord. He threatens my very existence. Help me please sweet Jesus?