Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pray For "C"

She pushed me away and I can't get her out of my mind. Yes, this young lady has gone through so much for as young as she is. Pray that God heals her, will you?

I first got a letter back in October of last year maybe? This girl went through the ultimate betrayal; The molestation by her father. He also allowed his friends to rape her and to this day or as of last writing, they were harassing her after she'd had her father jailed and had been ripped from her home. You can read about it here;

You Hold the Key

Your Life

I offered her my help from day one. I even gave her my personal phone number and begged her to call me. She never called.

I've received a few letters, not as bad as hers but letters from those in distress, no where to turn, simply looking for some direction. In her case and I'll call her "C" I'd promised to help her if she only told me where she was. She wouldn't and all I had was an email address. I contacted my local Police and they basically said their hands were tied. How shallow and shameful?

After C had taken my advice and called her local authorities, had her father jailed for the abuse and so forth, she'd written and told of being followed, emailed, threatened and was getting phone calls from the men who'd molested her, her fathers friends. I didn't know what to do or how to help, especially if she wouldn't call me or tell me where she was. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't let me help her?

I contacted my local police department after I'd moved to a new town. I knew many of these Officers personally and begged them for their help. Their hands were tied as well but they did cut to the chase and referred me to the F.B.I. who were as cooperative as possible. The Agent also informed me that her situation was dire at best, if this girl wouldn't share where she was. I mean they couldn't search or whatever you might think simply from an email address. After giving them all the info, I contacted C again and told her that I'd talked to an Agent and she could contact them, they'd be more than happy to help her. C became angry with me and put me on "Notice." She stated that I was not to do anything further.

Again, I still could not comprehend what was going on? I realize now that once your trust in the closest thing to your heart, your daddy, is broken, it has the most profound effect on trusting anyone every again. My frustration poured forth and I was almost angry that she would not allow me to help her. All she had to do was call me or let me know where she was and I would make the calls, do whatever it took to make her safe. No trust.

When things are beyond our reach, out of our control, seemingly unfixable, I realize that I must,
"Let Go & Let God." Why didn't I go to my heavenly Father before now? I was trying to do it all myself. Why didn't I see this before?

I pray for Divine Intervention. I pray that C is safe. I pray for Angels to be placed all around her and no more harm will be done to this little girl. I pray that God will choose to heal her troubled soul. I pray that He steps in and takes control. I pray that the damage done to her impressionable mind will be healed. I pray for her calm assurance. I pray that trustworthy people will find her and release her from this torment as she must be so scared and alone. Yes, my God can do all these things and I wish I'd turned to him before this. I've learned a valuable lesson;

When in doubt, just reach out. Can't get through it, ask God to do it. Can't see the Light, pray for God's Might. And in your darkest hour call on God's Power!

Please pray with me for C

You Hold the Key

Your Life

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