Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Prayer; Doors of Understanding

Heavenly Father,

I am more than grateful for all you have bestowed upon me and even more so for the wisdom to see such things, such wonderful situations as gifts. Many times, more than not, I have prayed to you for wisdom and discernment. I do believe you have given these gifts to me on a consistent and daily basis. But most of all, to appreciate the smallest of things, whether monetary, emotional or even a scenario, a chance encounter, a brief interlude or reunion of souls, I have and can enjoy and see the value. I am rich beyond the richest.

My Lord, you have blessed me with the ability to use my empathy to help others. It took quite some time to stop the "poor me's" or even the "why me's" to come to the conclusion that all things happen for a reason. As well, I now know that everything happens for a reason, it is Divine Destiny with no such thing as luck coincidence or magic. When I became this, with the scales fallen from my eyes and I was one who could see, it opened many doors of understanding. It was as if I almost learned the Secret to Life.

Being aware of this, the comprehension of blessings surely allows me to become grateful for even the smallest of things. But I do realize this starts with faith born/based behavior. Sweet Jesus, I thank you for the finite of faith, that faith of a child I have been privy to. It is simple, so very simple in it's complexities.

As I spoke with my oldest Grandson, Lil Bill, I can see why we must have the faith of a child. I can also see that I am charged with making sure this child, on what may seem his lonliest night, knows that he is never ever alone. It eludes me as to why I was speaking to him about it all but I was speaking about application of faith. Me and Lil Bill have talked quite a bit as of late. He thrives on these intimate moments.

I was relating to him, concerning his belief in You, my Lord.

I asked him if he believed in You? He said that he did but couldn't answer me, just why he believed. "I'm glad you believe." I blew into his face and asked him if he could feel my breath? He, of course stated that he could. I said, did you see my breath? He said that he didn't, "But you know it was my breath, right?" He shook his head "yes." I took him to the kitchen window and had him observe the trees, the leaves gently caressed by the wind. "Do you see the leaves, the branches moving?," I asked to which he nodded yes. "Do you see the wind that is blowing it?" He looked at me puzzled and shook his head "No." "He smiled. I smiled. "That's exactly what Jesus is like, just like the wind, the air. You do know without that air, you will die, don't you?" He looked puzzled again. "God is that air, that wind. You can't see him but He is there, He is the wind. He sees all that we do and we are never alone, Lil Bill. And without Him we will die." Now he had a serious look on his face and a depth of understanding in his eyes. Ah the faith of a child...

Lord forgive me for not being more readily available. My sweet Jesus convict me and place it upon my heart to teach these grandchildren that they need only to come to you, in good and bad, sickness and in health all the days of their lives. Allow me this time to teach them that while you don't always give out a charmed life and that they will suffer the growing pains of salvation, you will always be there with love, calm assurance and you will hold their hand in the worst of times. Allow me to show them that they must not count on anything but you my King of Kings. Allow me to instill in them that all things good come from the Father but I want them to recognize those things and see them plainly, clearly.

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