Monday, June 16, 2008

My Prayer

Yes Lord, so much to be grateful for...

My son Waylon, in Iowa has been untouched by all the horrible flooding in his area. I pray for comfort, guidance and quick response to those in need in that area. I can't imagine suddenly having to deal with my home and possessions under water. So much to be thankful for, so many prayers needed. Selah

As well, Waylon's son, Austen who has Cystic Fibrosis has been doing well. He's a little "Tank" as they like to call him. He's gaining weight, eating well and seems to be doing fairly well. I can already tell that he's such a blessing to all around him. Waylon has his old job back and even though he's working 72 hours a week, it's better than not and if he's working it's less time for him to "find trouble" right?

Bill, my middle son is going for a marriage license tomorrow. He will be my first son to marry, his blushing bride, Halena. They'll actually celebrate their 11th year together on the 18th. They're shooting to get hitched on that day, the 18th of June. Believe it or not, it is not Bill who didn't want to get married. No, Halena felt it would change things or alter their relationship, a superstitious unfounded thought process. But Bill has wanted to marry Halena for forever and I do believe he will be happier than a pig in poo, lol. I graciously welcome her to the Moore-O'Dwyer Clan.

Lee has moved from Dubois and is within a 25 minute drive from me. This is a super positive step forward for him. He has had a hard time seeing the forest through the trees but I'm more than willing to hack every tree, if need be, for him to smile again.

I'm loving life when it comes to being surrounded by my kids and grandkids. I spent the early afternoon with my granddaughter, Jessie and her daughter Toryanna. We went to Pizza Hut and had salad.

I pray that sometimes soon, I get to see my youngest son, Waylon and my new grandson Austen. My life would be complete. In the mean time, I can certainly be grateful for these small minuscule moments of love, laughter and family. Thank you, my sweet Lord!


Doug and Lori said...

Babz! Great to hear that Austen is doing well! I am also so glad that Waylon is not having problems with all the flooding right now!

Babz said...

Doug & Lori, howdy and good to hear from you. Yes, they've been spared the flooding and I am grateful, so very grateful. Austen is, "Croupy," per his Mom. Say a prayer, my good friend, will ya?

Biggest of Hugz

Doug and Lori said...

Babz- I just got through praying for little Austen.