Saturday, January 12, 2008

In the Hospital/My Prayer

My Grandson, Austen, is in the hospital again. His mother, Gwen, said he wouldn't stop screaming and she knew something was wrong. They admitted him, last nite. Today, they did a spinal tap. The poor baby cried so terribly, she said. At 3 months old, this child has gone through way too much. I pray that God heals his memory and he will not remember all this poking prodding, IV's and so on.

My God is an awesome God. I know that he is the Great Physician and has the power to heal this child. I pray that he will make Austen comfortable and allow him to breathe.

Can you imagine how it feels, the anxiety that goes along with not being able to catch your breath? I pray that my Lord, gives Austen calm assurance. My faith dictates that God is moving in his life and it is all for a reason. But I am praying for some hard core intervention.

May the Angels flutter around him. May they entertain him. I plead the blood of Jesus upon this child. I plead and beg you, Oh Heavenly Father, to intercede and take away this anguish. Take away this pain and sickness. Lord, if this child must have Cystic Fibrosis, can't he have the bare minimum of symptoms? You have this power my Lord.

May they look upon this child and know that it was you that healed him. May it all be to glorify your name. You are the one true God, it is futile to even think of anything greater than You. Yes, my Lord, I come to you now. I come to you asking for healing. I come to you and ask that you open doors, to get Austen in a safe place. I ask you to minister to his weary mother and show her what to do, to help him. I ask that you give the Doctors the wisdom to help Austen. I also ask that you keep all evil away from this child. He belongs to you and they test this.

You are wonderful and glorious and I sing your praises. When I called just now, the report was that Austen was improving. I thank you so very much Lord because I know, it is only because you've touched his little body.

You are my Master, I come to you and you only. You are the only answer. The resounding fact is that this child will perish without your help. Come to him now, Sweet Jesus and lay your hands upon his little body and heal him. I ask all this in Jesus name. Amen



Yes Babz, I will definitely ask our church to pray for Austen! And you know I will continue to do so also.
I know this hurts you to see him in the hospital like this, struggling to breathe. May God strengthen him, and all of you in his life who love him so much!

Terry said...

Hello Young Lady,
We are calling upon the Prayer Warriors on our end also. Hold on to your Faith and let the Light Shine Through. May He answer all of our Prayers for Austen to get well and comfort you in this time of despair. Amen

Babz said...

Lori, it is killing me to know I am here and my son and his son are suffering. May the God of Abraham see his suffering and minister to him. May he have mercy on his little body.

They diagnosed him yesterday with MRSA

They have not received the culture from the meningitis test yet. He's so sick. Yet, I talked to him, on the phone and I tell him Jesus and his Grandma love him. I asked him if he saw the Angels and he coos and kisses the phone.He is such a joy. I appreciate your prayers, you just don't know how much I appreciate them. Thank you, my Sister.

Babz said...

Terry, How wonderful of you to take the time to answer me. Your support is appreciated and I thank you and your warriors. I agree with you, in prayer that He answer these ardent, fervent prayers for Austen. Surely it is a test, they all are. But it does have me torn and tattered, none the less.

I can't express how much I appreciate you and Lori. I stay to myself, thus you are really important to me. May God shine upon you, as well. Thanks and hugz!

Terry said...

Austen is now in many people's prayers. Please keep us informed and may He guide His healing light right through the doctors to where Austen is and provide you with the comfort of knowing Austen will be healed! Dear Father we pray this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.


Babs, I just put a prayer request up for Austen on my blog! May this lead many others to come alongside of us in prayer!
Thinking of you talking to Austen on the phone like that brings tears to my eyes. He is much loved by you!

Babz said...

Terry, thanks so much. I feel the spirit is working through more than just the baby, as he deals with his father, as well. It has been a great test of faith, it really has. My son Waylon, really broke down when they took blood from the babies head. He lost it. I think this has made a profound impact on him. I pray he does not run but seeks the Father's face.
I humbly thank you for all your prayers, as well as extend my thanks to your people for their gracious and thoughtful giving of their prayer time.

Hugz back!!!

Babz said...

Lori, God Bless You, that's all I can say. I am humbled and thankful for such kindness.
Loads of Love back!

padivan said...

Babz, I am a friend of Lori's. I saw your prayer request for your grandson on her blog. Please know that I am praying.
Thank you Lord that this baby is safe in the hollow of your kind hand and held close to your gentle heart.

Babz said...

Padi, anyone who cares enough to take time, out of their busy day, to say even the smallest of prayers for my family is a good friend and I count you as a blessing. In return, may God reward your kindness. Sometimes, it's even the smallest of things that bring about the greatest reward. You will see this. I count you among friends and am so very grateful for you. Thanks and Hugz!


Babs! What great news that Austen has been able to go home! I am still praying!

Terry said...

The power of Prayer is Awesome! We will continue to Pray for little Austen's speedy recovery and are greatful for his return home.

I also hope Waylon runs in the right direction. I can only comfort you by continuing to keep YOU & yours in our prayers as well Babz, along with these warm love filled


Babz said...

Terry, you are soooooooooooo appreciated, you and your prayers, as well. Yes, God is working, I can see this. I can't thank you enough and oh btw, did you realize what a success you are or even your DNA with the birth of such a beautiful spirit as is with Lori?

Big Hugz Back/Really Big Hugz

Terry said...

Thanks. I do know and it must have been the DNA.LOL
Big Hugs

Terry said...

I am just thinking about You, Austen, Austen's Mother and Waylon. So I thought I would let you know. Hope today finds you filled with hope, peace and high spirits.
Big Hugs

The sorrows of death compassed me,
And the pains of hell got hold upon me.

I found trouble and sorrow.
Then called I upon the name of the LORD --

O LORD, I beseech thee, deliver my soul.

Gracious is the LORD, and righteous.

Yea, our God is merciful.
The LORD preserveth the simple.
I was brought low, and He helped me.

Return unto thy rest, O my soul;
For the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee.

For He hast delivered my soul from death,

Mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.

I will walk before the LORD
In the land of the living.
Psalm 116.3-9


Hi Babz,
You and Austen are in my thoughts today!

Babz said...

Terry, I can't thank you enough. It's going to be to the glory of God, I must believe this. Austen is a gift and God does not give broken gifts. I will stand on this.

I thank you, ever so graciously, for sharing your time and prayers with me. May blessings reign down upon you and Lori both. Yes, it's the DNA!

Big Big Hugz

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Austen is now in my daily prayers.