Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daughter to Mother Conversation

I wrote my Mom an email. She'd inquired about Austen and his well being. As well, she asked how I was doing. I wrote;

I truly appreciate your inquiry and am so fond of the fact that you care, ask and pray for your Great Grandson. Austen is better than he was but coughs just terribly. Iowa City called Gwen, yesterday. They'd been in a conference call with CF and MRSA Specialists from several states. He apparently has an extremely rare form of Cystic Fibrosis and they're betting that Waylon has the adult form. I'd never realized it before but I agree.
They are trying to get Austen to one of three states, to one of these Specialists for consultation, study and aggressive treatment.They will put them up in a Hotel, pay for air fare and meals, etc.

One of the specialists is in NYC and Waylon told Gwen, she says, that Waylon is hoping it'll be the NYC Doctor so we can visit. He told her he needs to see me as it's been 3 years too long. He also stated he wanted so badly for me to meet and hold Austen. I want to play with his feet and hold him tight, imprinting my soul, faith and calm assurance on his soul. I want to hold him and pray to The Father that he sees this child. I want to shout it up on the roof, "Biddy on the Rooftop." Soon to be a musical, hahaha!
Somehow I believe that God is working in our lives. Well, I know it is answer to fervent prayer. I mean, isn't it kind of cool that you have specialists behind the scenes working on his behalf. I've prayed that he does not remember the poking, prodding and his tears of pain, screaming, as they took blood from his head. Poor lil guy, huh?

I also pray that people just fall in love with him, their hearts warmed for cause and effect, action and reaction and motivation to help this child and to treat him as one of their own. My heart is nearly broken and I need to hold him tight.
I am fairly well and still kicking, (Sounds like Grandpa, huh?) almost as fine as frog hair. My Surgeon has stated that he can not do my surgery. He's saying it is "more than a specialty affair." He stated, as well, that elbow replacements are rare but I am, as he says, "An excellent candidate and I rarely recommend that."

Dr. Kenneth Kamler is a renowned microsurgeon and yet he's not done or worked on an elbow such as mine, he said. He showed me(Lee went with me as well) the X-Ray and pointed out a spot where I've grown the "largest bone spur he's ever seen." He says that he would recommend that I find a surgeon that might remove that first. "It may help with your pain." He said that he could see why I was in so much pain and reiterated that I have no cartilage or synovial fluid, it's bone on bone.



Hi Babz,
I have been meaning to write, and I am sorry I have not done so sooner. How are you doing?
So the specialists are going to pay for Austen's stay and travel? Wow. How is the little guy doing right now? It is obvious that he has already touched the lives of people.
I have never heard of an elbow replacement. Are you seriously considering it? Keep me updated so I can know how to best pray for you.
Thinking of you tonight my friend.

Babz said...

Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by. I'm doing alright and hope you are doing ok yourself.
Yes, they will pay all expenses for them to travel for these specialist. What a blessing, huh? In my mind, it's really cool that they are so concerned. I mean, he could fall through the cracks, another statistic but they are concerned. Pray that they stay passionate and their hearts stay warm to the cause, right?

Elbow replacements are rather rare but it's about my only option at this point. The problem is finding a surgeon. It's kinda scary though, ya know?

Take care my friend and God Bless!

Big Love,



I will pray that the specialists stay passionate and warm towards Austen, that he may get the best care possible. I will also pray that you are able to find a good surgeon and that surgery reduces the daily pain you experience.

I am hanging in there. We just started school back up this week, so I am definitely already feeling busier. It is not always easy to balance family, ministry, and full-time school. I think we might learn how by the time we graduate! ;)

Thinking of you tonight friend!