Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trials & Tribulations

If you happen upon this, I ask for your prayers. My newest Grandson, Austen is in the hospital, fighting to simply breathe. He was recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and has Pneumonia in one lung. He's just a little guy and was foaming at the mouth, last night, struggling to breathe. They rushed him to the hospital.

Is it the sins of the father visited on his son? This is my son, Waylon's second child, to be diagnosed with CF. Two children by two different women, both with CF. Of course, I want to stomp my boots at heaven and ask why? At the same time, my faith dictates to me that the Father has the situation at hand, has his eye on these children. I have to believe that it is all for a reason. That doesn't mean it's not more than painful.

In my life, if I've learned nothing else, it's that all things happen for a reason. I pray that reason is revealed. I pray that we all have the strength to rise above this. I pray that Austen's Mother, Gwen, has the ability to relish everyday, with this child. I pray for her calm assurance, that the Father does have his hand upon the situation. I pray that this curse, of the sins of the father and mother are dissipated, banished from my children and theirs. I pray that we see the blessings in this. I also pray that we will recognize that we must place ourselves in the position to be blessed. With this said, I pray my son will do right by his son, all of his children and realize the entire situation.
Please pray for Austen???



Austen is precious! Tears come to my eyes thinking of him in the hospital.
Dear heavenly Father,
We lift this precious child up to You. God we pray that You would protect him and get him to a healthy place. God thank You for the blessing Austen is even in his poor health to Babz and her entire family. We truly thank You for the life of this little one. Protect him Father, and encourage Babz and others who are in his life It is in Your Son's name we pray, amen.

~Babz~ said...

Lori, you've brought tears to my eyes, it's hard to type. I don't cry often, never once in prison. This has me on my knees. I spoke to my son last night. He works a 2pm to 2 am, 6 days a wk. shift and has been going to the hospital the minute he gets off work. But I couldn't understand why he didn't go before work and I said, "Well Waylon, maybe the baby needs to hear your voice?" He got real mad at me and told me not to lecture him. He said "You don't have to see him like that, it's killing me and I can't go there and then go to work, I can't do it." This is a certain wake up call for Waylon. Gwen, the babies Mom said she'd never seen Waylon cry but nite before last, he held him close and just wept.
As of last night (Wed.) he's off oxygen and beginning to hold his own. They have to take Austen to a specialist and get him on Pancreatic enzymes and get his nebulizer treatments. They'll show Gwen how she has to beat him. It's awful Lori, they have to use this cup and it's not gentle. No, they have to just about beat the baby, to break up the mucous. Waylon had been through this before but my other Grandchild, Kassandra, who is now nine, has not been seen by either of us in almost 8 years. She has CF too.

I pray the Father uses this as an example of his awesome power. I pray the Father, has his hand upon these children, that they feel the breathe of Jesus, on their cheek.

I tell you Lori, I, without hesitation, would give my life, right now, he could explode my heart, if it meant that these babies would be alright.I prayed this years ago and he has still kept me here. Now there's another child. I can only pray it is all to his glory. Yes, they can have the diagnoses of CF but God can show His power, His awesome mercy by just allowing them to breathe.
Nothing takes me down, like this. Nothing hurts more than for one of mine to suffer. My sons, my grandkids, they are all gifts, to me, from the Father. May I always find joy in that gift, I must be reminded. Life is so precious. You and I take just breathing for granted.
Since I had two ribs out, the nerve moved and artery and a piece of lung removed, I am constantly reminded of how hard they have it as I breath heavily, not so easily sometimes. I watched as my first grandchild, at Children's Hosp. in Buffalo, struggled. She was in an oxygen tent. She would move her head back and forth, in an anxious, fighting for breathe movement. The only time she would stop, be comforted for a moment was when Waylon would press his face, up against the tent, so she could see him. May The Father comfort them, just this way. May they seek His face. May he hear my lamenting, my cries, my pain for my babies. May He use it all for His glory and may we recognize the blessing.

Thanks my friend, you have been good to me, I do not lose sight of that. You too are a blessing.



Babz, I am so sorry to just be responding now. We had finals for seminary and then we went back to Houston to visit with family. I tried to keep up with my blog during that time, but wasn't really able to keep up with others blogs. We are back home now though.
I hope Austen is still off of the oxygen and has continued to improve. I cannot imagine being his mother or father and having to beat the mucous out of him. Have they been able to get into a specialist yet?
You are right, we do take things like breathing for granted. We take so much for granted. It is things like this that humbles us and makes us realize this.
My heart really hurts for you Babz, as I know you are hurting so much inside. It is very obvious how much you love your dear children and grandchildren.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You that You do hear our cries! Thank You that we can lament to You and that You care about our pain! Father, we don't understand why Austen was born this way, but we know that he is not a mistake. You knit him together in his mother's womb. We do continue to pray Lord that You would heal him and that his breathing would continue to get easier and easier for him. We pray that you would protect him from any pain he may be feeling. God, would You be a comfort to this small child. We know You care about him completely. Make Your presence known to him. I don't know what that looks like for a baby, but I know that You do. I also pray that You would strengthen and encourage his parents and Babz. I pray that You would use this to draw them all closer to You. Thank You Lord for the precious gift Austen is to all who are around him. We know that his life (even though he is sick) is not a mistake. You have him here for a purpose. Use him Lord even now, in the lives of those he encounters. We praise You for him. In Jesus name, amen.

Babz said...

Lori, I hope your finals went well. Why didn't I know you were in seminary? My brother went to Elam Bible College, several years ago.
I do come from a very "religious" background but find I prefer to be more Spiritual. I guess I distinguish this for a reason. My parents are the Founders of Messianic Israel Alliance

I thank you, profoundly for your prayers. They mean the world to me.
Right now, my oldest son is visiting, which is a blessing I sorely needed. Again, I thank you!


I have gone to a link to your mom's site before, but in checking out this link, it looks like it might be new. Seems like your mom really has a heart for the Lord.

I am not sure why you didn't know I was in seminary....maybe I never mentioned it. Yes, my husband and I stopped everything we were doing, moved away from family and friends, and went to seminary a year and a half ago. He had been out of school for 11 years and I had been out of school for 5. We have now finished 3 semesters, and are about to start up a Jan-term class (our second Hebrew class). We are both getting a Master of Divinity degree , which is a 104 credit degree. It is really long. Anyway, we have 2 1/2 years left. It has been so great, but yet so hard. God has done much revealing of my sin and much sanctifying. As you know, that can be a painful process. My hubby wants to be a pastor in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), which is a conservative evangelical denomination. I want to work alongside him in some capacity. We both have a heart for discipleship, marriages, and equipping leaders in the church. Right now we are both interns at our church here, discipling married/engaged/dating couples and shepherding small group leaders. We love it. We do this for about 25 hours a week, while we go to seminary full-time.

I don't care for the word "religious" so tend to not call myself that either, because it can be a catch all word and it tends to signify more about our actions and participation in something, rather than Christ's work in our lives. If someone asks whether I am religious or not, I tend to answer by saying I am a Christian.

That is neat that your brother went to a Bible college. I hope it was a good experience for him.
I am so glad your son is visiting you!!! Yay! May it be a wonderful time!


P.S. Finals were rough because we were going through some hard emotional stuff in our lives, but God was so gracious. I won't know my final grades until the 15th, but I feel good about the finals.


Just wanted to pop my head in Babz and let you know I was thinking about you! How is Austen doing? How are you doing?