Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I praise your Holy Name, my Lord, for delivering my son to safety. I am also so truly grateful, that he was able to get his old job back. It's almost like he was given a "Do Over", a fresh start, new lease on life. I know, that it was you, my Lord, that delivered him, all the way from Arizona to Iowa, safe, secure and in one piece. That was truly a miracle and my faith was surely tested. But now, he is back and safe and hopefully will appreciate all your blessings. Thank you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get me through this, my Lord. I'm wandering aimlessly, in the dark. I need your mercy and grace. I need your forgiveness. I need your help. I want to walk in the light again, my Lord. I did not ask for this lot in life and I did not ask for this pain. Help me deal, take away this sickness, please my Lord. I want to smile again. I want to laugh and find joy when I wake up. My days are so dark and filled with despair. I don't feel any end to all this. Please, I beg you, sweet Jesus, to shine down upon me. Please?

The days of my youth are spent, gone. Now, I feel like a hull, a shell, nothing and it is only you, whom I may turn to. You are my Lord and Master, I know only to come to you. Without you and your love Lord, it is nothing but desolation. Please come to my assistance. Pull me from this pit, it is so dark and dank. Heavenly Father, I do not deserve your attention but I call upon you, once again. Please honor my prayers to you. Please hear my words and render assistance.

I am beyond ashamed. I am beyond sinful and I ask for your forgiveness. Please show me the way, the path I am to walk. open the doors you want me to walk through. Shine upon me and show me the way. I am stumbling and scared. I beg you, my Father, do not turn away. I cry out to you for your favor. Please hear my cries.

Bless my children and keep them safe. Bless me and mine and my grandchildren. Save my family and do not let the adversary win. I beg you, my Lord. Bring back the joy, that has so long ago been stolen from me.

I praise your Holy Name and I ask all this in Jesus' Name. Amen

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Prayer

I am certain I am under attack by Satan but he will not win. I am the daughter of God and he will not allow it.

Yes, I realize that Satan would love nothing better than to destroy me and if nothing else, make me believe my sin is so great that God looks upon me in loathe and disgust. He wants me to run from God, run far in all my shame. I know because I'd done it in the past. I ran so far, so fast till I was ready to kill myself. But before that could happen, I cried out, one last time for God to help me. It was a soulful cry, from the deepest region of my being and God knew I meant it.

That was 9 years ago and once again, Satan is trying to steal my thunder. He attacks me from every angle and does his damnedest to make me so ashamed. But I remind myself that Christ died for my sins, the ultimate sacrifice. And it wasn't just for everybody else but for me too.

The difference now, is that I can be grateful for this piece of wisdom. I can be grateful that the King of Kings, yes, my Lord, loves me and forgives me. I thank you sweet, sweet Jesus for your sacrifice. I ask for the joy back. I ask for your protection. I ask that you place your Angels around me and mine. I ask that you guide us, me, my children and their children and wives, the mother of their children. Allow this family to heal and know joy, the joy that can only be found, in your light. Amen

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Prayer

My Lord, I see you working in my life and I know you are there. I ask that you not allow Satan to win here. Stand with me Lord, with me and my family against our adversary.

One door closes and another opens, I see this. Let me always recognize this. Stay with me and my children, bless them and let them know joy.

I had come so far, only to fall so hard. Pick me up my Lord and help me recover. I praise your holy Name and I ask you to forgive me for my fall. I am weak, sick, close to insanity. Take my hand and walk with me, please Lord.

Place your Angels around my babies and watch over their families. None of us can hide our sin, least of all me and I do not want to run. Let me know you have forgiven me so I may rise above this all, this mess.

I need you Lord, I call your Name. I am lost, I have wandered off and I search for my Master. Where are you my Lord? Turn on your light Lord, it is so very dark. I can feel it, it comes for me. Do not allow it to win, please.

You are my only God and it is you, which I seek. I am so lost, please help me, please come for me. Find me Lord and let me know your love, once again. I am ashamed and Satan wants me to stay that way. At least I can recognize this. For whatever reason, you have allowed me to go through all this? You have mapped out my life and I have known this pain, all my life. Why can I not have the joy others have? I ask for your blessings and I ask for wisdom. I can not do this alone, my Lord, I need you. Please come to me now, heavenly Father and save me from this despicable situation.

I am a black sheep but I am your black sheep. I will shout it from the rooftops, that you are my Lord, my only God, the King of all Kings. I beseech you Master, to pull me out of this hole. It is so dark and I feel so alone. I cry out your name, my Lord. Are you there? Please tell me that you've not given up on me. Please tell me you've not just handed me over to the enemy? I am your daughter and yes, I have strayed. Please send your Angels to me and mine. Let me be led by your Spirit and guide me to the light.

This is my darkest hour, please turn on your light, please turn on your light? Amen