Friday, October 19, 2007

Special Prayer

Lord, my God, only you can change this. I come to you, from the depths of my soul. I cry to you, from the depths of my soul.

You are the Great Physician and if it's true, only you can heal him. My Father, I ask that it not be true and he will come out of this unscathed. He can simply learn an extremely valuable lesson. Please let it just be a test, a lesson, he desperately needed to learn.

I praise you, my Lord and I thank you for all my sons. You have been more than good to me. You have allowed my children to grow in to strong men, good guys, nice people.

Please allow this to be just a reminder of what we should be grateful for. Let it be just a lesson, as to why we should do our very best at living right. Let it be a wake-up call and nothing more. Let us live and learn.

I ask for your mercy, right now Father. You know my heart and I do not want your wrath, visited upon me or my family. And although we don't deserve it, please show us mercy. Please Lord, I beg you, please. Amen



I just said another prayer my friend.
Thinking of you.

Babz said...

Lori, I do believe that God has answered us. We had an AIDS scare but the girl said she was lieing and only told him she had it to hurt my son. I pray she wasn't lieing about not having it. I thank you for your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and that God and only God could change all this. I believe he did. You've been a really good friend. May God smile on you and yours!

Big Love!


Wow Babs, I am sorry you guys had this scare. I am sorry that this woman lied to him like that. I don't doubt that all of you are very relieved. Thanks for updating me and letting me know! I appreciate you!

Babz said...

Lori, it was awful and my son fell into despair. Thank you for taking the time, to read my mess and your prayers, well I am more than grateful, my good friend. May God bless you more than you've blessed me!