Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Calling God

We evolve, as Christians, when we begin to pray for others, instead of just ourselves and for strangers, instead of just our immediate needs.

I do believe in intercessional prayer. I believe that God does want us, to talk with him, to pray with him and to be in constant contact. Quite often, prayer is a pity party, when it should be celebration of our every day goings on. God doesn't want to hear from us, only in times of crisis.

I like to think of God, as Abba, my Father. A good father, would soon tire, if I only called him, when I was in trouble. He would soon tire of me, calling and only asking for favor, wouldn't He? Eventually, he might even tire, if the phone rang and caller ID said it was me, if all I did was complain.

I must and do try to improve my communique. Sharing in the little joys, from, thanking him for a good parking spot, close to the door, when it's pouring out, to an unexpected phone call, maybe from one of my sons, where I can hear the smile on his face, is the kind of joy, he wants us to share with Him.

I noticed God doesn't care, where I call him from, he never looses His patience with me because I call in the middle of business hours and it doesn't matter how late, even in the middle of the night. I can call him from the highest mountain, or the driest desert, I always have 3+ bars and a good connection.

As Christians, we are given free days, nights and weekends on our prayer phone. Call Him up and talk, all you'd like, unlimited calls, access and the call is never dropped, on His end.

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