Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Is Your Perception of God?

A college girl, in a group discussion, said "I can not believe in God any longer." Her Professor, overseeing the discussion group said, "Maybe, I should congratulate you." With a puzzled look on her face, she asked him, what he meant? With a smile on his face, the professor replied, "Perhaps the idea of the God you reject, should be rejected." What was the Professor's point? If your God is not emulated in His son, if you have any different notion of God than a veiw of His son, you should probably question it. I would question it myself. Many of us have a different perception of God. Often times it comes from what we were taught. If we every question that perception, we need only to look at Christ for our true window into the way God thinks and wants us to live our lives. I do not want to say that we should forget the Old Testament and it's Laws and governing body but the New Covenant, in the New Testament is where we will find those answers we need to live our lives. The sharpest image of our God can be found in the Son, who said, "Whoever has seen me, has seen the Father." (John 14:9)
As the print of the seal on wax is the express image of the seal itself, so Christ is the express image- the perfect representation of God Saint Ambrose
True words, no matter where they come from, stand by themselves. Jesus said, "What my Father wants is that all who believe in him should have eternal life." (John 6:40) I do believe that Christ and God are one and the same. Yet, we often separate them, for whatever reason.
So, if we believe that Christ and God and the Spirit are one, then we need to pay attention to His words to us. We must look at His words as the extension of God the Fathers, personal words, to us. What was one of the most important things, Christ imparted upon us? That Charity and Love are one and the same and in my opinion, these words are probably the foundation for our well being. It starts at the root of all things. We may disagree with others, their habits, how they worship and so on but we must try to love them, we must try to look at them through Christ's eyes. How would he see them and what would He have me do? Would he want me to pick apart His words and use them to piously prove that I know the true Doctrine and all the answers? I do not think he would and I must embrace those that see and feel differently or have a different perception.

That is not easy, as we all tend to translate things as we see fit. The Catholics have their way, the Baptists, Lutheran, Methodist, Protestant, Muslim, all have their beliefs. Many would die for those believes and may even kill. Why must we spend so much time, being right?

We must be careful and mindful of man's teaching and go back to the source for our salvation. Simply put...Pray for what you do not understand. Pray for wisdom and tolerance. Pray for the truth. Do not allow yourself to be led by the nose, by any man. We are responsible for our own salvation and must always seek and embrace the truth.

If our perception of God is in question, we need only to go to the Son for our answers.

I must also pray for those who do not believe. I do understand, that they feel they are smarter, than the population and body of believers. I must pray for them and their salvation, rather than even questioning it. Directing my energy, to trying to figure them out, is futile, it is better spent in prayer, is it not?

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