Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Prayer

Thank you sweet Jesus for showing mercy. I do not deserve that mercy, therefore I am grateful. You answered my prayer and kept me out of harms way. Thank you for sending me HB and his words from years ago. He was a blessing and it brought me through a rough and tempted time. You reign on high and there is no other God. I am grateful, my Lord, I thank you! Amen


Lil said...

The people that He put in our way, everyday make changes (in different manners)in our life.

Babz said...

Lil, yes this is true. The wonderful part of it is in when we begin to realize it and see it. Then it becomes mesmerizing.
¿Cómo son usted, mi hermana? Espero que usted esté bien. Usted debe saber que sus comentarios a mí son siempre una bendición y para esto, le amo como una hermana. ¡Puede usted ser bendito, Lil!