Friday, June 15, 2007

My Prayer

Good Morning my Lord, today is an important day. I have waited years to go to this appointment. You know my heart and my pain, please help me. I come to you, because I believe you to be the King of all Kings, Lord of Lords. I see your audience, my Lord. I asl for your favor. I ask that this be the pivotal answer. I have come so far, to this point, let me have a moment of joy because of this. Give me the words and wisdom, to make him understand. Warm his heart dear Lord and let him understand. See, I know that you are the Great Physician. Use him to do your will and I do ask for your grace and mercy. The answer is so simple, yet it has been made so complex. I know why and Dear Lord, you know why, yet it does not have to be that way. This may be my saving grace. Please heavenly Father, hear my prayer. Come to my assistance. Walk in there with me and allow your Spirit to speak and be heard. I know that it will be done, if you say it is so. I beg you for mercy, my Lord. You know my heart and I only want to do the right thing. There is so much potential and capability for me to do the wrong thing. I ask for your protection and favor. I ask you to speak to his heart. You are my Shepherd and I am a black sheep. But with your grace and mercy, I will become white again. You have the power over all things, the simplest things, I am more than aware. I come to you because I know you are my answer. Please help me Father, I cry out to you. I do not want to go another day, as I have. I want to find joy again. Please hear my cries to you. I will try to do my part. I have my convictions and am painfully aware. Please round me into the daughter, you will be proud to call your own. I am your daughter and had gone astray. I am here and never want to leave your side, ever again. I sit at your feet, in awe and wonderment. I never want to leave your side again. I ask you, to be there, in that room, for me today and speak to his heart and soul. I praise you, my King. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

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