Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Prayer

Lord, I ask you, to comfort my good friend, Chuck. His brother recently died and he is so torn up. Chuck's brother had taught him everything, as a good brother does. But the man suffered, so many setbacks before his death. Allow Chuck to be comforted with the memory of his brother in health, good times, prosperity, let him have joyful memories. I ask your Spirit, to speak to Chuck's heart and comfort him in his, this time of despair. Heavenly Father, we know that it is a hard task, to find joy, in the face of death, especially, in the death of a loved one. But while our hearts mourn "Our" loss, we know that Chuck's brother, hurts no more, is safe and sound and actually, has us at an advantage. Let us find comfort in the fact that the body that gave out, is not the spiritual body he has now. We know that he is far better off, than he's ever been. I believe Chuck and his brother are good men. It's a bitter pill to swallow, when we must say good bye to someone who's meant so much to us, who we've looked up to and respected. Let us not mourn the loss but celebrate his entrance into heaven. Allow our souls to feast on the faith and remember that, it is a walk in faith to say, "good bye, I'll hope to see you soon." Please take away any uncertain feelings Chuck might have and allow him to only feel the joy, in this situation. It is a painful process, even if we have the faith, knowing that our loved ones are safe and sound and no longer in pain. What a joyous occasion. Let Chuck feel that joy again. In Jesus name, I ask all this. Amen


Lil said...

The life after life is our hope. It's not only our hope, it's more than that...its our security. A place without suffer or pain.

:)I gived you a message in Facebook
God Blees,

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Lil, so very true, it is my hope and probably the only thing that keeps my life together. Blessing to you my sister!
I will look on Facebook, thanks! Hugz


Babs- Is this "Chuck the Blogster?" I posted a prayer on his site, assuming it was. "Oops" if it was not. I am sure this man is grateful to have a friend like you. I cannot imagone what he is going through right now.

Babz said...

THE KING'S SHEPHERDS... Yes, it is Chuck the Blogster, we've been friends for a couple years now.We are an awful lot alike, both mischievious but we have a passion for the Father. I'm sure he appreciates your prayer. His bro was everything to him, so he's really going through it. Thanks for being nice enough to pray for him. That is one man who's walked through the fire, in the last year.