Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Prayer

My entire life, has been turmoil, trials and tribulations. Lord, I ask for your pardon and mercy, for the bad choices I've made. My choices not only impacted myself but my family, my children or anyone that was in my life. I left my husband at his worst moment because I did not know what addiction is and was. I do now. I ask for forgiveness for my part in his pain. All this went on to affect my children too. Here I thought I was this pion but I had all this responsibility for grooming and molding my sons. I taught them how to be wrong and I ask you for forgiveness, help me make it right. Please do not make them suffer the sins of the father and mother. Give me some time to teach them of your infinite love and forgiveness. Let them feel they can come to you, just as I am now. I am going through another tough time Lord and I need your strength and guidance. I can not hide from you and I know, you see my sin. Let me lead and not hinder, give me strength to get it all done. Help me with my pain Lord. I am your daughter and need you to hold my hand, please sweet, sweet Jesus, hold my hand.



Father God,
Thank You that You have already forgiven Babs of all of this the very day she entered into a relationship with You. Thank You that even though none of us deserve Your forgiveness, You offer it to us freely. Thank You that neither Babs nor I need to try to earn Your approval and love or make up for all the mistakes we have made in the past. I pray that You would continue encouraging Babs heart with the truth that she is already completely forgiven by You. I pray that You would guard her heart and mind against Satan's lies. Thank You Lord for her heart for You and that You will carry on the work You have begun in her until the day of Christ Jesus. In Jesus holy name, amen.

Ask Aunt B said...

The King's Shepherds, wow, how wonderful and kind of you to pray for me. Of course, I can use all I can get. I was certainly an important soldier in Satan's army and he's mad because I'm not doing his dirty work, any longer or trying not to. He messes w/me daily and tried desperately to trip me up. I pray that we both have the Father's favor and protection. Thank you so very much and have a blessed day, my friend!


It is my pleasure to pray for you Babs!!!

Babz said...

THE KING'S SHEPHERDS... You are a true gift, my sister. Do not think I do not appreciate you!!!


I haven't doubted that you do Babs! Thanks!