Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Prayer

I know my Lord that You see all. I can not hide my sin. But I come to you and ask for forgiveness. Do you hear my prayers for strength and wisdom? I need your help Lord and I need your Angels to stand by me, keep me safe, as well as my children and their children and wives. Satan attacks me daily,

Dear Lord. I need your protection from his assaults. I am weak and I seek you out. I do and say things that are not desirable. I am sometimes confused by what is right and wrong. I mean no harm but religion forced down my throat, often leaves a bad taste of guilt upon my tongue. If I have done something wrong, I ask for forgiveness and the strength to not do it again.

Please do not strike me but support me. I am trying Lord, I am and I hope you know this. Please allow me to bridle my tongue. Give me the wisdom to do and say, only that which you will not be ashamed. I know that I have a big mouth and I ask for a bit of discretion. Help me to see the truth, heavenly father. Let me know and learn the truth. I do believe that Satan uses guilt and shame to keep me down. If I am wrong and have done something unfavorable in your eyes, show me, so I may improve myself.

Please do not punish me any longer and let me know joy.

Give me a time of joy Lord. Allow me to do the right thing and hold my hand along the way. Guard my children, please heavenly father. You are my only refuge, my only answer. You are my only God and I do not want to listen to anything else but Your voice. I praise our Holy Name. Amen

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