Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Prayer for Ginny

Heavenly Father, you have trusted me, to help, give advice and to put things into perspective for people, every week. I chose to do this, not because I am a know it all but because I want to give back. I ask for your blessings.
Lord, I was emailed by Ginny and she has really been through so much, lately. Lord, I know you will comfort her and I know that you have your hand upon her heart. Warm her to what I have said and allow her to find joy again. Surely, you know her heart and you know how she suffers. She's lost her father, she's not on good terms with her mother, she was diagnosed and told she was dieing. Allow her to see the miracles in this situation. I pray for her comfort. I pray that the scales will be removed from her eyes and that she will see, that you've held her hand, the entire time.

If you read this, pray for Ginny and you may read her story here.

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