Friday, June 15, 2007

Indictment of Middle America; The Death of Aaron Hall

I wrote an, I think, compelling commentary on my advice column, about the death of Aaron Hall. I'd like you to read it.

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Please show your support. If we continue to accept this behavior, it will breed more discontent. Oh yea, these guys may get some time but it's behind the scenes that I'm worried about. It is a case so similar to Matthew Shepard. Do you even know that name and how he died? We can not allow this and we need to make it real clear that we will not tolerate this behavior...ever.
If we just say nothing, make no comment, the act will go, unchecked. We can't sweep this under the carpet. If we look the other way, it'll happen again and again.
Hatred wears many outfits, I personally have grown tired of the ignorance that goes hand in hand with this incident. We must not allow this to just go away, like a dirty little secret.
No way and I hold that town, their parents and all the people who silently say to themselves, "well, he shouldn't have come on to him, that would have never happened," in contempt. I Indict this middle American town and all like it.I would Bitchslap you if I could and slap the ignorance out of your head. I'd smack you so hard, your Grandchildren will feel it.
People, don't just say nothing. Don't allow this to happen to Aaron without saying something. The guy was beaten and dumped, naked, left for dead. He crawled away, naked and alone and died, succumbing to his beating. Imagine your child or brother, treated this way?
He is your brother. Do you have anything to say?



Babs- I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It is absolutely WRONG what these kids did to this man. I went to your advice column and read your entire post. I also read the other day that you have a son who is homosexual. I am grateful that you love him like you do, as it makes me sad when people stop loving their children when they find out they are homosexual. I do want you to know that I believe that the Bible makes it clear that homosexuality is a sin and I hope that I am not offending you in saying this. This does not mean that I do not love homosexual people though. I had a dear friend who was a lesbian and hubby and I would have her over all of the time for dinner. I did not treat her differently or with less respect than I would any other person. I don't judge your son, neither do I judge my lesbian friend or a gay friend hubby and I have at school right now. It is not my place to judge them. You are so right, Jesus would never have treated that man the way those kids did. He would have went to his house and had dinner with him probably, just like he enjoyed the company of tax-collectors and adulterers. It saddens my heart that this man was beaten to death. I know it saddens our Lord's heart too.
Babs, I hope that even though you and I believe differently about homosexuality being a sin that we can still be friends and that you won't see me any differently, just as I don't see you differently.
With love,

Babz said...

King's Shepard, I can only hope that my God, your God, is a just and fair Father. He has lost sheep, they need love.


Babs, thanks for such a kind reply. I appreciate your heart!