Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Blue Rose

I believe we are all flowers in God's garden. This was quaint and simple but inspirational.
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I think I was a Black Rose but through God's grace, the red is appearing again. What flower are you...in God's Garden?



Babs! I liked what you said. We are all black roses in that without Christ, we are dead in our sins. With Christ, we are seen by Him as that red rose and He truly is making us more and more into His image (the red rose) day by day. What a great analogy Babs!

Ask Aunt B said...

The King's Shepherds,thank you dear and hope you are well. I am always writing mushy stuff, huh? But it's never truer, is it. I can look in the mirror and see the rosey color begin to appear. My heart was so blackened before, it was necrotic. But God is surely making me look blushed, lol!


Babs- I didn't realize you were Aunt B! I checked your Aunt B blog out today. That is really neat that you make yourself available to people like that!

My heart too was just as black! Thank God for His grace in Christ!

Babz said...

THE KING'S SHEPHERDS..., thanks for your kind words, always. It is not easy doing Aunt B. I have to pray before I write. I want to help, not hinder. I want to be truthful, not give lip service but I must be diplomatic too, right? Again, thanks!