Monday, April 09, 2007

God-Honoring Children

My Mom sent me this. It is more than interesting!

Parenting Approach Determines Whether Children Become Christians

Research Shows Parenting Approach Determines Whether Children Become Devoted Christians

The Barna Update: April 9, 2007

You’d think that after thousands of years of practice, humans would have figured out how to consistently raise God-honoring children. Even a cursory examination of our society shows that’s obviously not the case. My new book, released this week, is entitled Revolutionary Parenting. It’s about the results of a long-term research study we conducted to figure out what perspectives and practices are most likely to produce spiritual champions. The study revealed that there are six critical dimensions for parents to master as they raise their youngsters. This week you can read the free Barna Update about the book, as well as a sample section from the book. To read the full story, click here

Research Shows Parenting Approach Determines Whether Children Become Devoted Christians

Barna’s New Book is Available. It’s finally here. Revolutionary Parenting is George Barna’s first book since his groundbreaking volume, Revolution, shook up the Church in 2005. You’ll find it is worth the wait! This week’s Update describes some of the book’s content, and you can read an excerpt on our website. Order a copy today to get a “new release discount” - this $18 hardback for just $14 plus shipping (and tax, if applicable). Please click here

Revolutionary Parenting

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