Tuesday, March 13, 2007

~Shut Thy Mouth~

I am often convicted, concerning my big mouth. I have come to the realization, that what you say is more important than anything else. Words have the ability to make whole that which is not. They have the ability to heal. They also have the ability to cut and crumble. I am of the realization that I need to be more responsible with what I say. Why do we feel the need to talk constantly, especially out of anger? Sometimes, we just need to shut up. If I stopped talking long enough, I just might hear something, that my heavenly Father wants me to hear. But I often run with my anger and say unsalvagable things. I mean, you can apologize for what you've said but how can you just shake it off, when you've hurt someone's feelings. How can they just shake it off? It's the same as when, in court, the attorney blurts something out. It may be wrongful or damaging to the case? The judge says to the jury, "Jury, disregard that last statement." Can the jury really disregard or forget what was said? I think not. They may be able to use the power to deduce and put the statement into perspective and try to be unbiased but they've been tainted by the statement. I do not want to taint people any longer and I pray that God gives me the strength to listen instead of talking. I pray for wisdom as I no longer want to hurt people or hinder their growth, especially my children. I have done a lot of damage to my children. I have said a lot that was wrong and taught them so many bad things and habits. I want the healing for my family. I want them to hear the Lord too. He is like the wind, I know, I can not see Him but I sure can feel Him. I praise Him for the forgivness he has readily given. I am a hopeless sinner, lost in a nasty world. I ask for strength to endure and speak only His will, from this day forward. Amen

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