Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here...Grab Some Faith

If we have faith, we shall fear nothing.

My Mom and I had an email conversation, where she told me, one of her dearest friends had died, recently. She went on to tell me the story;

The friend was in the hospital and he struggled, to breathe, in his final moments. His mouth was wide open, trying to get air. He became still and faint but his mouth was still wide open. His wife, I guess out of an attempt to give him some dignity, tried unsuccessfully to close his mouth for him. He became so very still and she ran for the nurse, knowing it was the end. When the wife, my Mom's friend and the nurse came back, her husband had died. The two of them stood there looking at him. The nurse stated, " in all her time, she had never seen such a big smile." His mouth was closed and he was grinning as if he'd seen the most pleasant thing or person.

Isn't this an affirmation, that our lives are not just a waste of time? Isn't it reassuring to know that we will most likely be with family, greeted upon our death? I liken it to a Graduation Ceremony and really have come to the conclusion...

Dying is so underrated


Miranda said...

That is so sad. I would like to think that we'll meet someone at that time.

Lil said...

I want to have a death peaceful, sleeping!!!

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Miranda, it is only sad for us, the people left behind. I would surely welcome death because I have my faith. But I cringe at the thought of dying and leaving my children behind. Other wise, it has to be a wonderful thing, right?

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Lil, I do too. I am convinced that death is not painful but I do not want to suffer before it.
¿Cómo son usted mi hermana? Puede Dios te bendiga. Ver, puedo decir que usted es una mujer buena, puede Él ¡Jesús !