Sunday, March 18, 2007

He Is Standing Beside You.

In his autobiography, Mahatma Gandhi said that in his days, as a student, in South Africa, he was drawn to Jesus/Yeshua. On one particular Sunday, Gandhi said he decided to go to a Christian Church. He was stopped from entering the Church. He was then told if he wanted to attend services, he would have to go and would be welcome in a Church , reserved for Black people.
Gandhi, did not pursue the matter further.

Look at your life, look hard. Have you run a Gandhi or lesser person off? Have you poisoned anyone's perception of Christianity? I ask myself this? Our words and the way we behave, outside of Church are so important. If you are behaving one way in Church, walk out and behave another, towards your fellow man, you need to take a look at that. Do you behave as you would if Christ Himself were walking down the street with you? Because he is, never forget that.
How you look down upon that homeless person, or that junkie who is ravaged by addiction counts. How you judge your neighbor and his quirky behaviors is how you will be judged. The way you treat that waitress in that restaurant, is another fine reflection. Why not pretend Christ is breaking bread with you, over a fine Spaghetti dinner. How would you treat that waitress then? He is sitting there with you and watching how you treat that girl, with callouses on her feet, trying to etch out a living, just hoping you'll be kind and leave a tip.
He's sitting in a lawn chair, watching you as you snub your neighbor because he's not exactly like you and his house is not as nice. Oh and he doesn't prune his shrubs right.
He's watching as you walk down the street and walk on the other side, so you don't have to look into that bag lady's eyes. You don't want to see that maybe she has no one to love and no one loves her but Jesus.
He sees, as you pass them in night, looking the other way, not wanting to know or feel their pain, yet not wanting to know that they are junkies because they just couldn't deal with life as it was served up. No, it's not right but you are wrong to look down your nose and do nothing but you could pray for them. You don't know their story, you are not willing to walk in their shoes but you can pray over them. Are they drowning out a rape, molestation, sorrow and loss? Pray for them.
That man, who wanders in the night, so cold and all alone, sleeping on that frozen bench, while you sleep so soundly and pray to your God, in the warmth of your humble home, may have served your country. He may have seen far too much and fell into the abyss of alcoholism. I guarantee, he does not choose to be that way. Pray for him. That new couple of color or the family that comes to your church, looking like they are headed to a BBQ, doing a Walmart advertisement, is different, huh? Are you going to judge them or open your arms, just like you would, if Christ was standing beside you? I will say it again, He is standing beside you.
Have you turned away a Gandhi today?

Conduct your life, as if you are always at the foot of the cross...because you are.


“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ

There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever

*This is interesting, concerning Gandhi's thoughts on Christ...
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shane said...

in those days, south africa had a policy of 'apartheid' where blacks or coloured people were treated in a similar fashion to blacks in the states during less enlightened times. i would hazard a guess that the attitudes prevalent at the time in no way formed or affected mg's opinion regarding Jesus. he was far too enlightened for that.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Shane, I'm not sure if you disagreed with me or got the impression that I was putting Gandhi down, which I am not. He was a man of note and I agree with a lot of his teachings. To be a good person, is what my approach is. I am aware that he was certainly a man of open thoughts.