Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Day Heaven Cried

The Resting Place

The Day Heaven Cried

This day would be,
like no other before.
For this day they would,
crucify our dear Lord.
Many who had gathered,
would fall down on their knees.
While others would curse him,
as He was nailed to the tree.

Our Lord could of said,
I'll not walk up that hill.
But in our Lord's heart,
he knew that this
was his Fathers will.
This day was meant to be,
it was part of God's plan.
A savior he had sent,
and he would die
for the sins of man.

The pain from the hammer,
could be felt in heaven above.
God's tears did fall,
for his son he so loved.
Our Lord high on a cross,
could feel his Fathers tears.
Yet he knew with each tear that fell,
would bring heaven so near.

Our Lord now sets,
at his Father's right hand.
He made us a promise,
that today still stands.
Your home is waiting,
on streets pure as gold.
When you come through heavens gates,
in my heart your tears I shall hold.

Written By Ken Ferguson


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