Monday, February 19, 2007

Wire Upon Your Soul?

I look for perspective, to make the Word more palatable, so I may digest it and understand it. I look for example, to live by example. I mean, after all, the way you carry yourself and your sin, is more easily seen by the naked eye, than we may realize. I think people can feel, those of us, who walk with our sin, ingested into our system. Most would say, "Oh, they are so depressed," or "they are so negative about life." They may even notice, just how miserable you are. Holding on, to your sin, is much like holding on to anger, it can and will consume you.
I read a story about a Soldier, who had bought a monkey while in Indonesia. He immediately liked this monkey but noticed that the monkey was very sensitive around the waist, painfully sensitive. As he began to investigate, pulling back the hair, he found a raised welt, circling the monkeys midsection. Apparently, as a baby, someone had tied a wire around the monkeys waist and never took it off. How cruel this was, as the wire had become, deeply embedded, into the monkey's flesh. The Soldier set about removing this wire. He shaved the monkey's hair and carefully began to remove the wire. The little guy lay, calmly patiently, blinking his eyes and allowed him to work on him. As soon as the wire was removed, the monkey jumped up, happy as can be, freed from the entrapment of that painful wire. He jumped up and down, so joyful and then jumped on to the Soldier, hugging him for dear life, so very appreciative.He was so ecstatic, he didn't want to let go of the Soldier and just held on.

True confession of sin, even though it is extremely uncomfortable, does not pale or compare to the pain of being bound by that sin. Sin is much like the wire, on the monkey; embedded into our being, cutting into our very soul, choking off our very life. Every single day we carry it, it digs in deeper, threatening, to kill us. I do believe it can cause depression and an over all, negative outlook on life, in general.
Christ/Yeshua died for your sins, not just everybody else's. He promises, if you confess that sin and truly repent, he will take it away, he will remove that blemish from your soul.
Have you ever seen a cirrhotic liver, like that of an alcoholic? It is hard and scarred and has an all around charred look. I do believe my soul was charred black and cirrhotic. I do firmly believe that the weight of my sin was so heavy that I tried to drown out the pain with drugs and drinking. The pain and entrapment of that sin, nearly killed me. How great a day it was, when The Lord forgave me and reminded me that he loved me. He said, "Barbara, come closer to the foot of the cross. Let me show you how I have forgiven you." He then removed the wire, wrapped tightly, around my soul.

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