Thursday, February 15, 2007

I just had surgery, it was my 14th, to be exact. This time they moved two nerves in my right hand and in my elbow.
I was speaking with my Dad last night about it and he asked me if the surgery was a success? I stated that I did not know yet, as at that very moment, it hurt like the dickens and sure didn't feel like a success. He then, pointed out the obvious. Let me back up a second, so you may drive down this conversation with me...

My Dad is the chief at putting things into perspective, possibly where I gained my love for putting life in to perspective and terms for the layman. I'll call it Doctrine for Dummies. I'm not a new believer but my strong suit is not the Old Testament and I sure am not good at memorizing scripture. But my Dad and Mom both, are good teachers, planting seeds long ago for which fruition has taken hold, with my maturity. I must be honest, though. There were times, many times, where my Mom and Dad would tell me something or try to use example and teach me. I thought it, often, went in one ear and out the other. Thank God for ear wax. I do think a good portion of it stuck in my brain and was placed in my soul for future reference. Then, I went through crisis after crisis, trial and tribulation and that was all before Prison. Once I was safe, behind prison walls, no escape from myself, through drugs and drinking, I fell upon my knees and cried a soulful cry, a cry so deep and mournful, God heard it, all the way in heaven. I do believe he commanded my Word Garden, that spot in my soul, that the Word was placed in storage, to root and grow. As I prayed for the knowledge to get through such a horrific event and that part of my life, being in Prison, away from my children, our Lord allowed the Spirit to speak to, comfort me and cultivate the Word that had been sewn.
Back to our conversation. My Dad gave me, again, one of those, "Ah ha," moments, just last night. He started by saying that I must stand on being healed. He said, I don't know if that means through the Doctors or whatever but you must "Stand" on it and believe in the healing. He then explained many things to me, how God had honored His Word, all through these years. I do believe and must remind myself, that every single word in the Bible is to be believed. Not just bits and pieces. No, you must believe and stand in your faith, that every word applies to today, tomorrow and yesterday. By saying I didn't know if the surgery was helpful, I basically showed a lack of faith in God's promises to me. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. My heart felt response is, "Yes, my heavenly Father, used one of the best surgeons in this area, to fix what was broken." I had prayed, before surgery, that God, our Great Physician, would do the surgery himself. Why wouldn't I believe that what I'd prayed for, would be honored.
I am already healed, Praise the Father!


shane said...

i needed that. thank you.

Babsbitchin said...

Shane, You're welcome, I needed to write it. I write this stuff for one reason; It is my homework and it reiterates what I myself am leaning. This is like my homework page. I am not teaching here, I am learning.
How are you my friend? I do hope all is well in your world.
Big Hugs!