Sunday, February 04, 2007

He Has His Eye on the Sparrow

DAVIDSON, N.C. - On this Saturday, Joe Gibbs was just another fan in the stands watching his grandson play basketball at the local YMCA.
Taylor Gibbs, 2, was diagnosed with leukemia four weeks ago and is embarking on a three-year treatment plan. You can offer your thoughts and prayers to Taylor and the Gibbs family here.

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  • Gibbs' grandson has leukemia
  • On this Saturday, he wasn't Coach Gibbs, the man who led the Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl titles. He wasn't the NASCAR owner who celebrated Cup championships with Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart. He was simply Pat's husband, J.D.'s dad and grandfather to Jackson, Miller, Jason and Taylor.

    And on this Saturday, on the eve before the biggest game in football, the Super Bowl couldn't be farther from his mind. Gibbs and his family are facing a different kind of battle. Four weeks ago, his grandson Taylor, 2, was diagnosed with leukemia. Taylor, who recently started a three-year treatment plan, is the youngest son of Melissa and J.D., Gibbs' oldest son, who oversees Joe Gibbs Racing.

    When we hear or read of a story, such as this, we tend to question God and his motives. I know this frustration and pain of a child suffering, a seemingly useless malady. My Granddaughter Kassandra has Cystic Fibrosis. You can bet I had an angry minute, as I watched her struggle to breathe, her little head flailing back and forth, in fear and anxiety. The famous quarterback, Jim Kelly, paced the floors of the same hospital, at the same time, his baby boy, Hunter, lay extremely sick, two doors down. Hunter succumbed to his illness, 8 years later, from those days, back in 1998. I have not seen or heard from my granddaughter since a year after that incident, when they were diagnosing Kassandra. I heard they'd moved to Arizona. Amanda, her mother won't tell us where she is, her heart is filled with hate for my son and myself. So, all I can do is have my faith and pray night after night, that she can breathe and God will see fit to clear her system of all the mucous it is overloaded with, clouding her breathing and scarring her lungs. The point is that we must stand on our faith that God has his hands upon all things and especially is own children. If I do not believe this, I would be lost in the pain and never have any understanding or comprehension for such things, as the suffering of a child. It is all I have, my faith that all things are for the good of His people. I must stand on my faith, that there is no such thing, as senseless and needless suffering and death, "that his hand is on the sparrow." If I did not have this, the calm assurance of my faith, I would be so lost, so inconsolable, in disrepair and despondency. But my Lord does comfort me and I continue to pray for the gift of wisdom. He comforts me.

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    Lil said...

    Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

    Psalm 9:10

    Babsbitchin said...

    LIL, that is, your words, a perfect reminder, perfect in the Word.
    Espero realmente que usted esté bien, mi hermana. Puede usted ser bendito, en total usted hace. ¡Puede sólo la sabiduría ser su guía!