Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ghostly Ants??

This was sent to me from my parents, Angus & Batya Wootten, founders of Messianic Israel Alliance. I got a kick out of this, especially because I can see my Dad laughing!

Daniel 9:24-27 and Ghostly Ants?

An Invitation.

Shalom All,
If you appreciate the work of the Messianic Israel Alliance, we want to extend an invitation to you to join our Messianic Israel Talk Forum discussions.

One person who recently joined the group wrote, "This place is very gracious and polite and yet full of deep discussion and insight."

The people are polite because we do not approve disrespectful posts, but we do encourage respectful discussion of topics that are of interest to those of Messianic Israel. We are not into bashing people or organizations, but into searching out the word like good Bereans (Acts 17:11; 2 Tim 2:15).

All posts are initially moderated and people are not taken off moderation until their posts indicate that they have a level of respect for the group. In this way we try to keep the group friendly and yet interesting.

We have been discussing my Feast book, so people can offer suggestions for an upcoming rewrite, and we have been having a lively discussion about the meaning behind Daniel 9:25-26. The opinions are many, interesting, and varied. Sometimes the discussions can be deep and detailed and can even make you feel like your head is going to pop because there is so much information to absorb.

However, since I am convinced that laughter is good for the liver, and that we need clean livers in order to survive life in this world, to lighten things up a bit, I recently posted the following:

OK Guys, all this talk about Daniel and the end times makes me feel I have to present a real problem - and give its solution.

Angus and I had ants. I mean never- ending lines of them, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

We tried everything to get rid of them. We would spray them every time we went out. (I can't stand the smell of spray and I know it is bad for us.) That didn't work so we bought ant traps. The little black traps only seemed to feed them. It was like every ant went and got every relative they had and invited them to the feast. ("They only seem to provide a feast!" is the way I began to complain about the ant traps.)

I would take tissues and wipe long lines of ants away and flush them down the toilet, only to find that in a matter of minutes another line was working in its place. They even added troops and formed new lines to get to the bait trap. My walls were crawling with them.

Angus said he had heard that the best way to get rid of ants was to catch one, dip him in flour, and let him go back to the camp. They would think they had seen a ghost and run. He would guffaw every time he told me the stupid story, and he seemed to tell it every time I complained about the never ending lines of ants.

I tried spraying the walls with a mint scented cleanser because ants supposedly do not like mint. I wiped the walls down with vinegar, which they also do not like, only to find that they would return in a matter of hours.
And then I read about ants and baby powder...

Ants apparently leave a sweet scent that their fellow ants follow, and sweet scented baby powder is 1) hard for them to walk in, and 2) leaves a scent that overpowers their scent.

That was it. Armed with my plastic container, I sprayed the white powder again and again, hoping some of it would stick to the walls. It did. It left strange patterns of white in the paths of the ants. The ones who lived through the attack seemed to be sluggish and wandered about as though they were lost.

I don't know if any of them made it back to the camp after that or not, but the one thing I do know is this: For the first time in weeks, I have not seen an ant for days!

I don't know if flour would have done the trick but I do know that baby powder did it. Also, I don't know if it was the tough trekking, the overpowering and thus confusing scent, or the ghost factor, but whatever, it was, baby powder got rid of the ants.

Now, if I can just get Angus to stop laughing...

Seriously, if you care to join us, if you are looking for a good, honest exchange of opinions, go to

See you on the Talk Group.

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