Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Savoring Life Long Lessons

I tried to copy the text but it I was not able to. So, I'll steer you there. You may have read the story by Sister Helen about her student, Mark. This is a touching story, you're sure to appreciate. Click on the picture to go there. Grab a blessing!


Lil said...

They cataloged it as a true story, wow!!!

I called a friend, thanks Babs

Babsbitchin said...

Lil, how nice. Sometimes, we take things for granted, so busy and wrapped up in our lives. We don't mean to but we are often sidetracked by the most unimportant things, that seem the most important. But they are not, are they? What is most important, is love, family, friends and laughter, the rest should just be what we must do and nothing else. Life is too short to not say what needs to be said, to speak the truth and to let someone know just how much you love them or how much you appreciate them. We have no real concept of how short our lives are...until it's too late.
Big Big Hugs Lil!