Tuesday, January 30, 2007

~Change the Change~

A Washington, D.C. couple, invited their friends, to bring their loose change to a charity affair. From all the people, who brought in change from their coffee cans, shoe boxes and change jars, they were able to amass about $1,500 for the charity. How nice, this generosity and a lot could be done, if we all were like minded, in that respect.
They say that the average, "Change Saving," you know, lying about in jars and what not, is about $30. Put that together and it would be estimated that Americans, as a whole, would have about or upwards of 7.7 billion dollars, just in change.

What good could be done, with that vast amount of money? If we saved, simply for charity, instead of a rainy day? What great things, could be accomplished with the gift of that simple amount of change, from every household.

Much like this change, some of it shiny and new, some old and tarnished, is also our "Body of Christ," the people. Much like the money, we have so much worth in that Body of Christ, to ourselves and one another. Often, the Church is referred to as the body of Christ, isn't it?
It says...

"all the members of that one body, being many, are one body." (Corinthians 12:12)

Every single one of us, is the essential and valuable part of that body of Christ. Every single one of us, as individual as an old penny, or a brand new dime, are simply, just that, without the collective value. Put you, the dime, with a old penny, add a nickel and on and on, you have a valuable resource, not only in a monetary sense but of a biblical proportion. As individual person/parts, that make up the whole, each of us is so needed (vv15-22). See yourself as valuable, as a whole in that body of Christ. Use your resources to do good works, show good stewardship, even a nickel at a time. Equate that with making that phone call to the woman, you know, who is widowed and lonely. Even if it is to cheer her up and let her hear that someone actually cares, you have done a wonderful, Christ like thing. Give your change to the church or charity of your choice. Change that change, into $1 bills and when you see that homeless person, offer to buy him lunch, by handing him a couple ones. He can then buy a hamburger from the Dollar menu at McDonald's. It may be the only thing he's had to eat in a couple of days.Don't pass judgment upon that homeless person, as to why he is in that situation but instead, see him through God's eyes and show him Christ like behavior. Help that neighbor kid, knowing his Mom is a single Mother, to pump up the tire on his bicycle and on and on. "Krazy Kindness" will allow you to have the best nights sleep, you've ever had. When you see that change, on the dresser think of all this and the skies the limit!

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